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Posted: 22 Mar 2005, 23:38
by cHaVa
United States has alot of soccer players in Europe, London Donovan, Mcbride, Howard, the list goes on. But if USA has so many superstars in Europe, why is MLS a weak league? Not that it has bad players, but why is it so weak as a league? I mean, why dosent a team win the CONCACAF Champions Cup? I think MLS is going to grow into a strong orginazition in the future if handled right. But right now, its pretty much at its weak point.

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 02:41
by cfrealmadrid
they send all their players to europe, that's why. they never buy any high profile players either. youri djorkaeff is coming though, so that may be the beginning.

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 03:02
by FCBarcelona
He is there to promote the league, just like Stoickov before him...

The league is growing though...

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 04:28
by cHaVa
i mean i hope soccer grows here in the united states. becuase, the only sports that i see are very popular with US fans are either Basketball, Football and Baseball. And all of the three are the best in the world. so i think MLS has a chance to become one in that group. But out of topic..... Dont take offense..... do you think that here in US, theres alot of streotypes of soccer? i mean in the aspect of hispanics playing it? and do you think thats why it affects MLS? ...again this question means no harm... just an honest question...

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 09:07
by J
mls maybe be at a stand still popularity wise, but for the game itself and level of play, it is growing very well. The level of play has picked up very much in the last 3 years and is probably going to continue to grow. i think this year will be major league soccer's strongest year (with the level of play). Popularity wise i think it will be a long time before it gets up there with the other ameircan sports, if it does at all. Americans seem to like higher scoring sports, that non athletes can play.

Posted: 23 Mar 2005, 23:45
by FCBarcelona
I agree.

Posted: 24 Mar 2005, 04:48
by cfrealmadrid
no one likes soccer because it's "too slow." but they can sit at home and watch a 4 hour baseball game. i don't understand. i think mls will be one of the best leagues in the world, if it keeps growing at this rate

Posted: 24 Mar 2005, 06:59
by J
i dont know about one of the best leagues in the world, that is kind of pushing it. It is already becoming a high level league though.

Posted: 24 Mar 2005, 07:22
by expert
cfrealmadrid wrote:no one likes soccer because it's "too slow." but they can sit at home and watch a 4 hour baseball game. i don't understand. i think mls will be one of the best leagues in the world, if it keeps growing at this rate
Americans don't watch baseball because it's more exciting than soccer but because it's a tradition. Example: your dad was a Yankee fan, so you follow baseball because it means something to you. MLS has been in existence for a decade... it will never become a top-level league without the interest & support of the masses. It seems to me that overall interest in the MLS is growing rather slowly.

Posted: 25 Mar 2005, 02:22
by cHaVa
yeah i agree expert... MLB is America's Pastime, and is an American Tradition. Its been around for nearly a Century now. And soccer in USA hasnt been around enough to get nearly as big as in Mexico, Argentina, Spain, etc.

Posted: 25 Mar 2005, 03:52
by cfrealmadrid
that's a stupid reason to watch something. they don't even give mls a chance

Posted: 25 Mar 2005, 05:22
by cHaVa
then again i tell you..... theres alot of stereotypes in USA. i think thats why they dont even bother watching soccer.

Posted: 25 Mar 2005, 05:30
by cfrealmadrid
exactly. no one realizes how physical it can get. they all watch their 8 year old kid's games and say "ah, this game is for little wimps" and they dismiss it after that. i wish i lived (or even that i could visit) somewhere that appreciates the game

Posted: 26 Mar 2005, 23:07
by cHaVa
yeah like in brazil, when the world cup is on or like in the final's, everybody is off! can you beleive that!

Posted: 27 Mar 2005, 02:22
by cfrealmadrid
yeah, no one even watches it in america