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If you have a influential proffesional soccer player, post it here and tell why.
I know for sure that mine is Ronaldinho, because his style and skills are so Awe- Inspiring to watch. It makes you want to go outside and just pratice your skills.

I just had to ask this, cause i think your ifluential player can drive you harder to train and play better. Plus, you just gotta respect those awesome players, imagine all their devotion to get that good.

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Mine are -

Ronaldinho- He is an awesome player. The best in the world. He is changing the game, making it more skillful and risky. He has fun playing, so it passes on to me, i find it fun to play and practice. He is an inspiration to many, many people, including myself.

Thierry Henry-He is in my opinion quite underrated. He is a superb finisher, and he has done so much for his club. He inspires me to go out and practice my shooting, after watching him put a ball perfectly into the corner of the net.

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My fav and most inspirational player would have to be Andrii Schevchenko hes just my style of player he can accelerate fastly and he is reasonably strong for his size h is just superb on his finishing too. :)

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The Expert of course, because he started this site... He put on videos and gave hundreds of kids the chance to see techniques being done correctly, so they can go in their backyards and emulate them so they can go pro someday!

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I'm gonna have to go with Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane

Thierry Henry- He's fast, he's accurate, and he's a good player to have if your down by 1 or if the game is tied

Zinedine Zidane- He's a great leader and he knows how to create options for his team-mates. Sucks that he has to retire after the world cup though 8)
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Thierry Henry is amazing man, I admire that guy so much.

The guy is like a diplomat, doesn't upset/offend any body and just loves the football.

A few months ago, Arsenal Vs. Fulham, Arsenal were winning 3 or 4-0 at half-time. Obviously the Fulham players were angry at themselves and with eachother.
Anyways, at half time Zat Knight slapped his fellow Fulham player in his face and it was going to be a full scale fight with everyone just watching. The only person to actually go ahead and do something was Henry, and he was on the opposing team.
From that day on, I just look up to the guy. :)

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some of the players from madrid's glory days (the late 90s-2000 glory days). they were the first team i ever really followed, and i owe every hour of practice i've ever done to them. specifically, figo and raul. they were my heroes. they were what first inspired me to really train. while ronaldinho is awesome, and amazing to watch, i never paid attention to him until about 2 years ago, so that's why i don't say him. also, landon donovan is up there on the list. i've been watching him since he was 18, and he's always been my favorite american player
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i have to say that all the pro players insoire me. they all worked so hard to became what they are and to play pro its great top watch their success. Other than that I agree that expert is influential.

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I have to say the most influential players to me are Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho, Zidane, and Rooney.

Henry is a great striker, he is so fast, i hope one day i will be as fast as him (not likely though lol :D )

Ronaldinho is just a joy to watch because he is, to me, the best playmaker and dribbler in the world.

Zidane is one of the greatest players that ever played the game. He was also a good dribbler/playmaker and was great to watch in World Cup '98

Rooney is great because he is a great goalscorer at a young age. He is already one of the best players for Man. U. I hope he continues playing like he does and only gets better

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For me, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, and possibly Fabregas are all inspiration to me.

Dennis is the player who got me to get into the game and become an Arsenal fan. Watching him as a kid playing in the World Cup was such a privilage. I try to play like him, looking to set up others as well as score, as my vision is one of the strongest parts of my game.

Henry, well, he is God in my eyes. I have never seen a player quite like him, he can do anything with the ball, and he is so accurate and efficient, it's just a joy to watch him. I wish my finishing was .01 times as good as his, and I'm not saying that my finishing is bad.

As for Fabregas, once again I am amazed by his vision, and the fact that he isn't even 20 yet! He just gives me motivation as to what someone can do in such little time.
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mine are probly micheal owen and alan smith

micheal owen- the one game i watched against argentina a while back he scored two good looking goals to win the match 3-2 or something for england. i remember that and it insipres me to play better

alan smith- hes not afraid of any challenges and too block shots like when he brock his leg he was sliding down to block a shot. that shows me dedication.

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Haha, thanks jdefoe, but influential is probably the last adjective I'd use to describe myself.
I, personally, don't feel like I was influenced by a specific pro player. When I was little, it seemed to me that pros have unattainable god-like abilities. So I couldn't even relate to their game. :)

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My most influential player would have to be Cristiano Ronaldo. He just sums up what I feel soccer should be like. His playing style just suits me and is almost EXACTLY the same as mine.

I am 16, and my whole life I have been criticized for playing in a flashy way, often benched for over dribbling, etc; but deep down inside I never listenend, and believed that my style could work in a team and produce results.

Well, this year was proof to me that my beliefs are true. Watching Cristiano is wonderful, because I learn from his mistakes. He does the most amazing tricks and reinvents the way a winger should play. From this I have learned about 80 porcent of his tricks (can do him no problem too). I also watch him mess up and over driblle in certain situations, and learn from the frustration on his team mates face and his own that sometimes you just have to relax on the moves. Overall, he helps me go a step beyond and become a better player.
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Thierry Henry he is just a master of the ball
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my most influential player is luis garcia, ronaldo, and cristiano ronaldo. simply coz i try to imitate their dribbles

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