Which player has the best dribbling and ball control??

Discuss and compare your favorite players
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Let freedom ring with a buckshot but not just yet, first we need to truly understand the nature of the threat” Ras Kass

Firstly, what we are attempting to discuss must be distinguished as I think the following three are often not effectively discerned:-

1. Shielding
2. First touch
3. Control (i.e. dribble accuracy)

In considering this, as experience and time have shown, many random names will run out the bag producing that famous one-line says it all effect which produces little in terms of getting to an end

With that, it should ideally be identified where this topic is aiming at going, i.e. establishing, definitively, who has the best control: what it takes to possess this title: why certain names aren’t given credit etc.

Written above is a attempt simply to prevent random ‘my ignorance beats yours’ posting that commonly occurs in forums, allowing us to effectively moves towards a common goal.

Please can someone credible give feedback? Thank you.

Bergkamp is the man on ball control, also his goal against Argrentina in the 98 World Cup.

I think best ball control is Mark Viduka.

He will almost 100% come out on top in any one on one against the goalkeeper.
This was demonstrated in the excellen goal he scored against Charlton in FA Cup quarter finals.

In his prime Giggs Watch the old Manchester United games man talk about dribblin' skill he could do it all and when he would explode away with the ball mann that was it good luck getting that back let alone keeping up with him.

But for first touch Sir Matt le Tisser (sp?) man unblieveable!

I voted Davids cos everyone will vote Ronnie but back in the day Davids was too class

Yes now but 5 years ago Davids was the best I think Davids 5 years ago was better than Ronaldinho control wise. I made up my mind

I think people have it confused when you say control or shielding. Zidane was the best at shielding, but he wasn't the best at controlling. Players like Kaka, Riquelme, Ronaldinho all have better control than Zidane, but they can't shield the ball better than he can.

In terms of best control no one is better than Rivaldo. In his prime, Rivaldo was ridiculous with the ball at his feet, and even for Olympiakos he isn't to shabby despite this being the end of his career.[/b]

Candidates as propsed above
Rivaldo, Riquelme, Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho C.Ronaldo, Giggs (check at the top of this post for the classing) and any other forever...

Henry - dribbling, Crouch, Le Tissier - First touch,

Where am I
Actually, I think that these topics are ridiculous, arbitrary and mainly unproductive - I think that every player shoudl be able to control a ball gracefully and effectively which is why I am never surprised when the unsuspected random name comes into the equation to be taken in for some temporary consideration.


WHat would interest me more, on behalf of the above, is if debates were to move into a more specific direction of "which unknown players have a brillinat touch",
"How would one most effectively shild teh ball from _____ before they can recieve it"
"In what way will ______ go once the abll has been recieved on his left foot, and how can this be countered through effective defending"

No offence, but I'm more for moving in the direciton of attainment as opposed to entertainment - for this topic could go on forever, with great posts coming and going, but in the long run, I doubt that not being able to apply it, will serve anybody worthily, thus I am looking to elaborate on a quite typical post, expand and apply

Thank you all :oops:

ANy links for the days when Davids could control the ball

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the_loast wrote: Where am I
Actually, I think that these topics are ridiculous, arbitrary and mainly unproductive
Then don't post in these sort of topics.. nobody is forcing you to.

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Kinell :roll: , no one likes your posts. If you don't like what is posted here, leave ffs. No one's going to stop you.

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