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Posted: 08 Aug 2006, 16:10
by A-man147
obviously you didnt read the thread its dribbling AND Ball control, I said Crouch and Bergkamp has an amazing first touch, he has the best first touch.

Posted: 08 Aug 2006, 16:48
by medved
Ok buddy. that realy makes sense.

Posted: 08 Aug 2006, 16:52
by A-man147
I dont know if your being sarcastic but I was saying that Bergkamp has the best ball control, you were saying Maradona has the best dribbling
medved wrote:obviously niether of you have watched maradona play, he can do whatever he wants when he has the ball. Another name to mention is pele, this guy can make two or more megs (through the legs) in one run.

Posted: 08 Aug 2006, 17:07
by mpcarres14
Bergkamp's first touch was magical. Apparantly when he scored hat-trick goal vs. Leicester in 1997 and his famous Holland goal in 1998, he says he envisioned exactly how each goal would happen right when the ball was played, and that each of his touches were right where they were supposed to be. With the Newcastle goal, it was the same scenario, yet the first touch was at the ideal height to round Dabizas. I really don't think anyone could do what he did with his first touch.

Posted: 08 Aug 2006, 17:09
by A-man147
I heard the same thing about him visualizing everything.

Posted: 08 Aug 2006, 17:58
by G-Unit-Freestyler
And also the way he acts when he has the ball, very very calm. His passing is also magical

Posted: 09 Aug 2006, 09:40
by zudokonka
i think that ronaldinho, zidane, and c. ronaldo are the best. did you that match in the 2006 world cup, it was portugal against someone. c. ronaldo did this amazing pass where he used his left foot to strike the ball backwards into his right foot, propelling it forward to his teammate. they replayed that like 3 times, the commentator was hysterical.

Posted: 10 Aug 2006, 02:07
by MrSark
I think only Englishmen or fans of Cristiano think he is the best because the kid only does stepovers and stepovers do not make you the best dribbler in the world. Ronaldinho, Davids, Kaka, Robinho, etc can all out dribble Cristiano.

Posted: 26 Aug 2006, 23:50
by MBanić
Niko Kranjcar for ball control. His first touch is ALWAYS amazing!

Posted: 27 Aug 2006, 23:03
by ronaldinho91
i's have to say that zidane DEFINTELY has the best first touch in the game followed by bergkamp or rivaldo. Ronaldinho does have good control but these three had a sublime touch. But with the ball at his feet Ronaldinho is of course the best in the world at the moment.

Posted: 28 Aug 2006, 02:16
by ajc

I've never seen anyone beat a defender or do a move and thought to myself "ronaldinho couldn't even do that!" For me, the only player that currently rivals him in that category is riquelme, but he doesn't do many tricks or take on as many defenders as he used to. He is more content to set up his teammates.

For any 1v1 situation anywhere on the field, I would choose Ronaldinho over any one else to try to dribble past the defender.

It's easy to say, "oh but what about Maradona and Pele," but I think if Ronaldinho played in the same era as those two, then he would be considered equal to or better than them.

First touch- Bergkamp

He doesn't even need an explanation for why he is the best at this. Any one who has watched Arsenal for the past ten years knows why.

Posted: 28 Aug 2006, 02:40
by floater
the best dribbler in the last 10 years has been Ronaldo
Ronaldinho cant even be compared to what Ronaldo was
Ronaldo has scored goals that Ronaldinho dreams of

just look at this link ... of_soccer/

and there are many more

Posted: 28 Aug 2006, 03:41
by Ecuabol
Ronaldinho of course.

Posted: 28 Aug 2006, 04:26
by Mr.SoccerMojo
In his prime Giggs Watch the old Manchester United games man talk about dribblin' skill he could do it all and when he would explode away with the ball amn that was it good luck getting that back let alone keeping up with him.

But for first touch Sir Matt le Tisser (sp?) man unblieveable!

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 15:04
by Left_Feetz
Bergkamp has idd a nice control ,, but is not THAT good at dribbling ...
So I would go for Thierry Henry .. he is the best at both 8)