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Posted: 26 Apr 2006, 12:02
by Kew

firstly, you can't say david beckham's right foot is crap. he is one of the most deadliest set piece taker in this generation.

secondly, you don't know that he doesn't love the game. you can't say he doesn't play joga bonito, maybe because he's with adidas that's why he's not in those ads. i don't think c.ronaldo is very joga bonito-ish...look at the things he says.

thirdly, just because he took his clothes off it doesn't mean he love fame and money. maybe he loves his fans, and he knows his fans (females...and some males) wanna see him topless. it's his personality to be "famous"

personally, i respect him as a player. i have no comments about him off the field. however, if i'm to choose my 11, he'll be my RM anyday

Posted: 20 Jul 2006, 06:01
by A-man147
yeah when he was 7 years old he went out and played football to be famous and date hot women, obviously not I dont think thats possible to make it pro just to be famous, no one can commit that long for that reason. Beckham's got heart and he showed it this World Cup when he had to be subed and returned his Captains arm band, you have to love the game and your counrty a lot to be able to do that.


Posted: 26 Jul 2006, 00:07
by thrillboy
He is just doing it for endorsements and more money like all the other stuff he does.

Posted: 26 Jul 2006, 03:33
by mpcarres14
People really slam Beckham for little reason in my opinion. I just came back from soccer camp, and everyone there was saying how crap Beckham is and how overrated he is. In truth, he is great at what he does, even if it isn't much in comparasin to players like Ronaldo or Figo (in saying that I mean that he doesn't have blinding pace and great moves that attract basic "fans" of the game), but he is a terrific crosser and very deadly at set pieces. He may not be in my dream starting XI, but he certainly has a certain amount of respect from me.

Posted: 26 Jul 2006, 04:26
by m_barton_69
To be captain of you country you have to be a pretty good footballer. He's good at what he does in set pieces and crossing. Not overrated.

Posted: 26 Jul 2006, 11:03
by gnarlyjim
Wow. I think mcarres14 and m_barton_69 said it perfectly. Beckham has his specialty (free kicks), and even a "Beckham Basher" wouldn't be able to say he stinks without lying. People just hate on the guy because he takes his shirt off in a calendar? Maybe, some people are trying to hide their sexuality... JK. :P

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Posted: 27 Jul 2006, 16:17
by af2266
vcssoccer_01 wrote:ok did you know david beckham made a calender of him with his shirt off? just 12 months of him half nude. i hate david beckham.
Heck man, if women loved me that much to buy a calender of me with my shirt off, I'd do it! Id get money AND people would idolize me!

He still can strike deadly so I don't care if he makes a stupid calender.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2013, 09:44
by payne
David Beckham, like most of his AC Milan shirt.


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Posted: 27 Jan 2014, 17:47
by Croatianblood1
Sad to see Beckham retire but he left behind a great legacy. Definitely one of my all time favorite players!

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Posted: 21 Feb 2014, 04:55
by fir_nev
Croatianblood1 wrote:Sad to see Beckham retire but he left behind a great legacy. Definitely one of my all time favorite players!
I will always remember him linking up with Gary Neville during United's glorious days.