The best winger in world football?

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if c. ronaldo is the best winger in the world, y doesnt he start every game 4 man u :?: :?: :?:

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luis garcia is a great winger for his size and power

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When healthy, Vicente is the best winger on the planet. The only reason Ronaldo is mentioned as the best right now is because Vicente has been hurt for a bit. he missed the entire 05/06 season and most of the 04/05 season. When he is healthy there is no doubting his class. Joaquin would be the best RWM but his form took a serious hit this season because he is on a team that doesn't have any weapons besides him.

Cristiano Averio is great winger, but I don't think he is the best by any means.

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of course the best winger in the world is arjen robben but only when he is fit
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Do the names Ronaldinho and Messi ring any bells to you guys?

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Messi is nowhere near a finished product, and in a couple of years he should be a world beater, but he isn't now. He needs a lot more experience in my opinion.

As for the best winger, Robert Pires a couple of years back walked away with the cake. He was complete, and one of the main reason why Arsenal won the prem last time. In his time, he had good crossing abilities, was technically superb, was both footed, had good acceleration and pace, and scored goals galore, especially when it really mattered (19 prem goals in 03/04!) As for today, I am constantly impressed by Joaquin, and it won't be long before he appears on the big stage.
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Joaquin and Vicente's bad run of form takes them out of this IMO. But they are about as good as you'll get.

Simao's fantastic aswell.

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