Whats your Favourite Goal?

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Just post what is your favourite goal scored by anyone..

Although there is alot of goals that i like one two of the best ones for me are bergkamps goal against newcaste where he flicks the ball around himself and the defender and then slots it home...and i also like the ibrahimovic's one where he dribbles a couple of players with the same fake shot move and then scores..:)

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My favorite goal is the one Maradona scored agains England were he dribbeled with such ease trought the english players. Brilliant.

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this would probably not be my favourite goal, but my favourite(s) in recent history..

Gerrard vs. Olympiacos, 89th Minute I think??

Garcia vs. Juventus, Volley from about 30 yards
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i have like 30 favorites. but honestly, it comes down to 2:

bergkamp's against newcastle - already said, but it was seriously like something off of fifa street

hagi's lob against colombia in the 94 world cup - again, expert technique at its finest. the keeper didn't have half a chance
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i like zidanes left foot volley, it was absolutely amazing
i also like roberto carlos's freekick against france. lol i almost cried when i saw that. lol jks

has anyone got a vid with bergkamps goal against newcastle?? i dont think i have seen it and it sounds wonderful.

oh and i like ronaldinhos goal for barcelona when the ball bounced near the corner right against the touchline and he jumped and smashed it and it went in :shock: it was pretty cool

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wayne rooneys volley goal was cool too..

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We can't forget that amazing shot that Henry had against Manchester Utd. back in 2000. He flicked it up and shot it and it sunk passed the keeper into the top right corner.

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Figo's 30-35 yard strike vs england in euro 2000

but beckhams freekick vs greece is right up there on my favorites.
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Igot many favorite goals, George Weah's goal againt that blue team (I forgot who they were) when he collected the ball from a corner kick and dribbled some players past the middle and then scored.. keeper could've saved it though.. also Ronaldo's goal against livorno? when he got the ball from right behind the center line and then exploded to the opponent's goal, made coupla fakes and then scored with class..

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goldboots7 wrote:Figo's 30-35 yard strike vs england in euro 2000

but beckhams freekick vs greece is right up there on my favorites.
I forgot which one I like?But i like Figo's 30-35 yard strike too.a very beautiful curl.

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Five fav goals of mine (in no particular order):

Ronaldo's goal for Barca where he dribbled the ball from his own half along the left wing and scored a fantastic goal after going past 5 defenders I think.

Wayne Rooney's volley against Newcastle last season. Breathtaking.

Paulo Di Canio's goal against Chelsea two seasons ago. Someone passed him the ball from a throw in, he lobbed the ball over a defender, then lobbed it up again and shot a firey volley.

Zidane's volley in the Champions League finals.

David Beckham's lob :lol:

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1- Beckham Midfield goal

2- Giuly Scissors

3- Shearer volley against Everton

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3rd place: Sean Maloney long distance-Celtic vs Rangers

2nd Place: Yeboah(its on FIFA06)- Leeds Utd vs Wimbledon

1st Place Henry( the flick and turn top right corner)- Arsenal vs Man Utd
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Tony Yeboah - Leeds Utd vs Wimbledon has to be on my list as the best goal
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Brazil's 4th goal in the 1970 World Cup final against Italy.

They moved the ball from left back forward individual skill, accurate passing, pace, square it across the area and over to Carlos Alberto who had made a run from right back. He hit a shot from the edge of the area all along the ground.

I don't think I've ever seen a better team goal

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