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Post by soccer11 » 06 Mar 2005, 00:15

At the last world cup, David Beckham came out with a mohawk. Do you think he will come out with another awkward hair-style, and if you do, what are some creative ideas you think he will have?

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Post by rp » 15 Mar 2005, 16:45

i dont no mate but i think he is gonna because hes growing his hair back abit

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 15 Mar 2005, 23:31

yeah, i have no idea what it will be though. and really, i don't care. i'd rather watch his game than watch his fashion preferences
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Post by FCBarcelona » 27 Mar 2005, 04:59

Yeah me too, let the girls watch his hair, I don't care about it.

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