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hey guys, whats up?

i was considering, about your answers that it is never too late to become a footballer? can you name me any famous player who have started after the age 15 + football and have made it to the top in few years?
becase what i read in all players bio is that they haved started from small age ?

do u all think, it is possible to become a superb player after you start to play after 15 or 16?


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It all depends. If you are focused enough and are willing to work on your game at every opportunity then definitely there is a chance. In basketball, Tim Duncan started playing in grade 9 and now he is one of the best.

Right now, you need to join a team or play with your friends everyday, and work on your weaknesses.

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drogba started being a pro later than most
in addition to that, he was forced to stop football for one year because his grades were low. that only motivated him to go play even more. he took it onto his own hands to travel miles just to practice for hours( even until after dark) to come back late at night and have to go to school the next day. :D
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Zidane was not scouted until he was 16 :D

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In sports that are all about athleticism like football and basketball, it is much more common. For instance, Jermaine O'Neal of the Pacers didn't start until 10th grade. At the end of 12th grade he went straight to the pros. But this is a rarity in soccer, a game that requires much more skill. And skills need to be learned at a young age if possible.
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put it this way...Solskjaer started soccer late and at 16 yrs old he was thinking about quitting soccer because he didnt develop until later.

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Kevin Keegan played in a low league. Didn't make it to the pros before 20 year? unsure..
Ibrahimovic didn't make it before 19-20
Drogba didn't make it before 19..
Casillas started playing at the age of 12 and made it at the age of 19..
Solskjær made it to the pros at the age of 21 before that he played in a 3rd league in Norway

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You can only be a superb player if you put your heart into it. For the most part, age doesn't matter as long as you are working for your goal and dream every day.

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well I started at 14 and have been playing for a year now and since I've practiced almost everyday I've becoming better than some people I know who have played since they were much younger. And when I play against older players, like much older players, and more more experienced players, I actually do pretty good. So it's never too late. Start now, practice everyday for at least an hour. Go play in pick up games with older people. Join your school soccer team or a club or something. Play every chance you get!

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Realistically if you have aspirations of going pro you'd have to play alot as a youngster, but you can still play for the heck of it. And if you work hard enough you could play at a competitive level. The vast majority of people aren't going to "make it" anyway, that doesn't mean you shouldn't play for the fun of it.

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Man, if you're good and you sell yourself to teams you can probably make it
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I'm sorry if I'm taking some space up for newer topics, but.... I wanted to add deco and liedson, the two Brazilian born, Portuguese internationals. Deco got his first contract at age 19, and liedson signed his first contract at.... 22, before that he was packing shelves at a supermarket and playing amateur football on the weekends. It's never too late people, if you dream and work hard enough. Look at them now, deco shouldve won the golden ball in 2004 and has been a very classy midfielder, while liedson is a solution (kind of) to portugals finishing and one of sportings top goal scorers.

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