Henry or Van Nistelrooy

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I am trying to say ruud is not good but henry is brilliant you can;t compare his playing style with ruud. sorry but henry wins this round

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in the EPL, theyre more or less the same
similar strikerates
they are equally important too i think
strikers are measured by goals, so if they have the same amount, then they are equal
RVN is better because he is better internationally
he is a brilliant in orange as he is in red
henry, however, isnt the same man in blue.
style: Henry, hands down, there is a certain swagger to his game that no one else in the world has.
henry is also more complete
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I'd say Henry is the better player of the two because i believe Henry showcases his talent more then RVN does because i believe RVN is some what of a cherry picker at times.

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this is a much debated topic in my house as my dad and brother are both arsenal fans. so here is my view -

henry is an excellent team player, who is quick, calm, creative and a good finisher. he thrives best on the wings and around the edge of the box. seldom headers the ball.

van nistelrooy is a very good penalty-box striker, with the best finishing skills around (his first against chalrton is a fine example). heis by no means slow although he tends to hold up play rather than keep it moving like henry. it has often been said in my house that van nistelrooy is the kind of striker arsenal have lacked in recent years, a ruthless finisher, as opposed to henry etc who like to 'walk the ball into the net' quite a lot.

there are reasons why they both thrive at their respective clubs and it is largely down to the managers. wenger has established an arsenal team which passes smoothly and quickly, angled runs around the box etc. arsenal rarely cross the ball for a header.. when they get it on the wings, with pires, ljunberg or henry, it nearly always gets cut back towards the edge of the box, or played back down the line. ashely cole also tends to overlap.

whereas ferguson likes his team to play to the wings. when giggs and beckham were at their best for united, they would usually find themselves on the wing and often put crosses into the box, for van nistelrooy, cole, yorke etc. to get a header on. so van nistelrooy will score under these tactics, whereas it is unlikely henry would, which is evident when he plays for france.

in my opinion, they are equally good. henry is the best at what he does, van nistelrooy is the best at what he does.

so imagine a team where they are both on the same side..henry's creative skills combined with van nistelrooy's penalty-box play...unstoppable.
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henry is a great striker cause he has a lot of game but would you consider adriano as one of the worlds best strikers cause honestly i rather have him right now over anybody
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peps1154 wrote:I agree. Rud has had great achivments but he is more of a pocher, where as Henry is a complete player who in my opinion would be succesfull on any postition. Furthermore Henry is so good in my opinion he's the best stricker since pele. However Robert Van Persie and Zlatan Ibrahamovic are too youngsters I will keep my eye on since they are developing great and who knows someday they might become better than Henry is now.
yeah his goal yesterday was absolutely top quality.

i think ruud is, because in his prime he has scored some very important goals and plays for the second best country in the world, and i think he's captain correct me if i am wrong. but henry is always good hes so skillful every match he is in. they play footy on the tv a lot more now, which is good so, i get so to see more stuff, but yeah maybe ruud for me.
its just a change from everyone saying henry

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i would definetly go van, although sometimes he is pretty iffy. if wayne rooney is dominating then van isnt doing so well and vice versa. although henry is very good and does display his talent a little bit more than van. but overall (technique wisdom) i think van takes the cake :lol:

oh, by the way he is the captain since keane left :D
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ya both r good in my view rud is a good finisher but henry is a complete superior striker he is a playmaker a finisher he is an all around goo striker so i have to say henry :D

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They are both really good in my opinion but i would have to say henry is the best he is so percestint and doesent act like a monkey when he scores he keeps hes composure thats a sign of a great player

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Henry is known to be a striker that makes a goal out of nothing but in Nistelrooy's case, he's a scorer,period. Henry can score from any angles inside the box, he's a threat for the opposition that is certain.
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Henry 151 goals...nuff said!

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How can you say that Ruud is not good foward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look he has the record for most goals in the EPL for a first season he has more goals than anyone else right now in the EPL He has more Goals than ANYONE ELSE in the UEFA Champions Leauge so how can you honstly sit back and say this ???

This is why I miss the old football days now if you're not a Foward that can freestyle and stuff like that people turn on you I love ruud because he is the ultimate foward Henry is like a Mid who was a sub for a foward and scored a few goals so they got rid of the Striker (hmmm Bergkamp huh ??? Huh??? HUH ??? now that's a true forward there that's how he plays to me at least but than again I Hate Aresnal !!!!)
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Henry is the best in my opinion. Ruud is a great forward however I just hate that guy. He just stand there and waits, and once he gets his chance he takes it. I know thats what he is supposed to do but it pisses me off.

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Aman147 wrote:Henry 151 goals...nuff said!

How is that nuff said? I am sure it you added up all of Ruud's goals he would have more then double that.

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peps1154 wrote:Henry is the best in my opinion. Ruud is a great forward however I just hate that guy. He just stand there and waits, and once he gets his chance he takes it. I know thats what he is supposed to do but it pisses me off.
lol wat do u want him to do then? I understand u hating him because there are some players i just cant stand even though they are skilled. But being an opportunist is a good thing when u are a striker. ex; trezegol i used to hate him b4 but now its aiyt. he can make a goal out of anything.

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