Juan Veron

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Juan Veron

Post by FCBarcelona » 23 Feb 2005, 03:26

How do you get a shot strong as Verons???He takes a freekick from 35 metres and its a rocket.

"I’m a player who can do absolutely anything if I am smiling and laughing. If I’m not happy, then everything becomes more of a struggle,” explained Adriano.

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Post by captain_mostafa » 23 Feb 2005, 04:16

This is what i c so i do that and my shts come very strong. go behind the ball about 8 yards. sprint as dast as u can and kich the ball. ur foot possition should be: toes pointing down at all times but ur body should be over the ball, but try to move a slight backwards, so the ball can go up high.when ur kicking the give it a jump andthat is ur finial touch. i cant describe the jumping part so hear is a video clip of r. carlos and at the end u wull c the jump.http://www.soccerclips.net/alphagoals.htm look for R. carlos and it is the first one.

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