what will michel owen do

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real dosent want him but i think liverpool should take him back so he can have some really good playing time on a team befor the world cup

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im sure hell go back to english soccer
he has a lot of talent im sure wat ever team he goes to hell play and do wonders

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Apparently Cisse and Benitez are not getting on well - so this may open the door for Michael Owen to Liverpool.
Despite Cisse's 2 goals and 1 assist tonite in the Supercup match there seems to be a strong suggestion that Benitez wants him out - possibly to Lyon.
So maybe Michael Owen wiil go to Liverpool.
If not I think he is being targeted by Newcastle.

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He might make an impact if he joins Newcastle, although Liverpool fans will be happy to welcome him back. He has to decide soon because the transfer window closes at the end of this month. Time is running out for lil' Michael.

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