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who's the best?

Posted: 19 Feb 2005, 00:30
by Chiaro10
answer the poll

Posted: 19 Feb 2005, 01:39
by FCBarcelona
Baggio is good and all but don't compare him to Maradona because Maradona one of the greats.

Posted: 21 Feb 2005, 12:21
by Pramith
Maradona rulz with his dribbling

Posted: 15 Jun 2005, 15:09
by matt
maradona by a mile.

he has been an inspiration for millions of fans worldwide, whereas baggio, who was without question one of the best ever, was really 'for the italians'.

Posted: 16 Jun 2005, 02:00
by cfrealmadrid
maradona can't be realistically compared to too many players. roberto baggio was great, but maradona was beyond words

Posted: 18 Jun 2005, 03:36
by f.C_Valencia
like in Any Poll, Just Compare Pele and MAradona and ull get slightly even Results, Any other people than that, Maradona will nearly win by a mile

Posted: 18 Jun 2005, 08:10
by frizzyan
How can you possibily compare the two?