Theories on what happened to Fernando Torres?

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What do you guys think caused Torres to go from superstart striker to 50 million dollar flop? do you think it was his injury or something mental? would love to hear ur opinions

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Ohhh what happened to Nando.. I don't know the answer..

In my opinion, Nando in liverpool was up there if not the best striker in the world. The guy had the power, potence, speed, height and physical ability of a nigerian, with the fine exquisite touch of a Spaniard, and some chops that will leave defenders on the floor. Then he could send them home with both legs, from virtually anywhere, in anyway, volleys, tap ins, long range shots, etc. The amazing thing is, he still has all this, he just isn't using it.

Anyone that watches Nando knows he's the exception of the rule, he has gotten like 2 years of playing time for free, just because even though he's not bagging them, a lot of the time, he does leave 2 players behind, and then fu**s up the finish or something, like he does the hard part and messes up with things that 5 years ago would have been a goal no odubt. you don't loose skill, talent or athletic ability, but your mind can mess you up real good and make you underperform. If you look at the De Gea incident in which he left De gea in the floor and missed with an open net, you could verify, that his moves and ability is still there, that CUT was TOXIC de gea was confused in the floor and he missed it. He did the hardest thing, that not so many strikers could have done, and he misses the easy part, and i've seen him do this over and over, to screw up in the last touch, to then get a tone of criticism, but he did the hard part, which only a few players in the world can do.

Sometimes, Nando is having his game, with Spain vs Ireland he scored a brace, and 2 very good goals, in which he left defenders behind and blasted the ball in the back of the net.

What happened ot Nando? That i don't know, but its definetly not that some how magically he lost his ability, it might be sort of "brazil" syndrome like Robinho, Dinho or Adriano and so much others that fly away from home and start underachieving for attachment reasons or whatever. It can also be the pressure of Chelsea, maybe he cost so much and feels he's not performing as good as his price was, I even saw a match when there was a PK and Nando denied to take it, in a moment when he needed goals. I think its a pressure/confidence/ issue, that has gone far as heck!

Me is clueless, but I wish he would comeback, I did enjoy seeing him play in his top level, very very much
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jondabom wrote:What do you guys think caused Torres to go from superstart striker to 50 million dollar flop? do you think it was his injury or something mental? would love to hear ur opinions
It is because Liverpool & Chelsea has different tactics . Style of passing . Back in Liverpool , the midfielders feed Nando with fast through ball . Take advantages of his speed . Plus the space from the midfield to forward are quite big and often attack from the center . As for Chelsea , they attack from the wide . Forcing Nando to stay put and play like Van Persie . He is still trying play the "Chelsea way" . Plus because of the small space . . . He can't go full speed like he us too . There is no gap for him . Atletico Madrid have the same tactic as Liverpool back then that is why He & Liverpool is quite compatible .

I've experienced this before . Playing under two teams with different tactics and it does affect my play .

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