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Post by TommyGun » 15 Jan 2011, 20:36


yeah, it's hard to split up too many nominees from Spain+Barcelona due to the squad similarities. I think FIFA had quite a dilemma due to the individual successes of a few in combination with the team successes of many.

Robben = Double + World Cup Final
WS = Trebel + World Cup Final
Milito = Treble + outstanding CL
Messi = OK WC but outstanding club season
Villa = Outstanding WC and good club season
Xavi = Great club season + great WC
Inesita = Great club season(injured 3-4 months though) + WC final goal

What I always wondered was this "what if?" scenario. What if Robben would have scored that 1v1 break on Spain, Netherlands win 1-0....who gets voted then? Should that change the entire panel? Would Inestia even have a case to be there anymore? Would WS be there instead of Xavi? It's just something to think about.

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Post by Juice » 15 Jan 2011, 20:48

What? What is 60 goals in a year to you man? 60 goals isn't success to you? They won the league, advanced in the champions league, and made is so far in the copa del rey tthanks to his goals/assists.... Same in the second half of the year, they succeed thanks to his goals, and his influence on the game.. A Barca without Messi would loose big time!!! None sense is what you are talking, games without Messi barca has struggled to win 2-1, 1-0, when Messi plays the scoreline is about 5-0? .... Thats influence, , how could you not agree that Messi is the best in the world, and that Barca needs him, like a fat kid needs cheesecake.... I mean common...
60 goals is sick, Yes. BUT how much success did that bring for Barcelona?! Like you said they won the league, and thats it. For Argentina he did not do sh*t, except for nice dribbles every now and then. Enough? Not in my opinion, and especially NOT when there is players who has brought success to their club, by wining leagues, cups and doing well in the world cup! Even though its not by scoring 60 goals.
Milito? How many goals has he scored from June to now? 3 maybe?
Sneijder? Good first half of the year, hasn't done sh*t in the second half..
Rooney? Again, maybe scored like 3 goals since april, 2 of them from the pk spot..
Lampard? No comments...
Milito? Score extremely important goals that led to the cl-title, league title and cup title!
Sneijder? League, Cup, Cl, WC final...
Rooney? Second 33goals last season, without him man u whouldnt had made it the the second place that they got.
Lampard? Midfielder, 21 assists, 27 goals, League title, FA cup title. Do I need to say more?

Dude Im not necessarily saying that these players should have Won, but i'm saying that Messi won, and if he won than they might aswel have won instead to be fair..

You keep running your mouth, Messi will keep scoring hattricks, assisting, beating men, and winning games for Barcelona.....
I bet he will...
From reading the Argentinian papers I read Mascherano and Checho Batista didn't vote on purpose, so there you go, you are wrong again.. I think you watch too much cartoons man.
Thats not what I read... I think you smoke whey to much weed man..

1.Sneijder 2.Xavi 3.Lampard/Iniesta It should have looked like that in my opinion..

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Post by Rome_Leader » 15 Jan 2011, 21:14

Let's stop this nonsense about Messi having a terrible World Cup. He had a fantastic World Cup, he just didn't score goals. It wasn't about 'a few pretty dribbles here and there', he made a real difference for Argentina in creating plays and chances, and drawing attention off his teammates. No Messi, Argentina would've struggled to get to knockouts.

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Post by panchester07 » 15 Jan 2011, 21:33

Rooney? Second 33goals last season, without him man u whouldnt had made it the the second place that they got.
First, you don't seem to understand, it isnt SEASON its year 2010...

Second, so 33, becomes more like 15 goals, that Rooney scored last year..

Third, even if it where 33, Messi did score 60... so twice as much.

Fourth, how is helping your team become second, a better achievment than leading your team to league title?

Fifth, its not like Messi didn't do crap in the champions league, Julio Cesar's nails separated Messi from the goal multiple times, and he scored around 7 goals that champions league, if i remember right, 4 against arsenal in that magical night..

All the other players where good, for periods of time, show great form, and then lower it, Messi was great all through out the year, and maybe it would have been nice for Sneijder, he lead the team to the treble, and if he would have won it, it would have been fair, but Messi's awarding is also more than fair as well..

If there where any discussion about the justice in this award, i think it would be between the trio(xavi, iniesta, messi), and who deserved it more... Not if Lampard or Drogba shoud have won it...

Anyway, Messi is fair winner, you like it or not.

If it where another X player, that scored 60 goals in the last year, 25 assists, and constantly beat men, dribbling through them like cones, a real mvp.... Would people be questioning his award? I doubt it...

He is just the best player in the world, by miles, you can sit their butheart, and recentful of why he won the awards, or you can sit back and enjoy the privilege of being able to watch him every week. Our grandchildren will ask us about him.
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Post by Juice » 15 Jan 2011, 23:14

Hahahahahahah dude it wasnt 1999 that rooney did what he did, ofc it was 2010..

Yeah you should read the whole post that I wrote instead of picking up small parts and then angling what I say.

Anyways I dont think that he were the right man to win, that is what I wanted to say.
That dwarf is still one of my favorite player though..

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The most important key to self-confidence is preparation.

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Post by NewBornProdigy » 16 Jan 2011, 16:07

I remember watching Barca vs Arsenal at home on my TV

After that preformance by Messi I lost all control of my body and found myself giving a standing ovation to a little image on the screen of a TV in a completely empty room

Messi was the best player on the planet last year... No doubt :D

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