Should Maicon be questioned?

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Holly Molly I wish I had logged on earlier to catch the action in the moment :S .. That suckss I just read all this....

Many things happen:
Haha, inter, i was an ass hole, a complete ass hole and I really didn't mean it, it was just me trying to say something really messed up hah :S
... One of those things that I would say just kidding right after, but I didn't yesterday there you go, i was just kidding and yeah it was a bit messed up...

I wouldn't say your ugly in the first place tbh, there are much worse looking blokes out there
That didn't sound gay at all dude :roll:
To be honest Panchester kind of asked for it.
Yeah I know it was a bit over the top, but is that big of deal what he did? Like, I used to do that in 6th grade and laugh, now its just, okay high be honest I really look at it as a weak comeback making a paint avatar..... That being said yeah i said something that wasn't nice......Inter feel free to leave it as your avatar, i really could care less
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Tocar y moverse y tratarla siempre muy muy bien..'

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Feel the love Panch. 8)

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Don't like his avatar?

Dudes just stick your hand up the screen, its not that big a deal to avoid it :D

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