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from what little following of football I've been doing, apparently Rio Ferdinand is injured? sh*t. just saw this on a diff website an was wondering if its true: Rio Ferdinand: "So doctor, is the knee looking any better after the second scan?"

Doctor: "Go back to Africa."

Rio Ferdinand: "Fantastic! The knee is going to be okay then?"

Doctor: "No."

YES, this is racist, but Im stating where i got the info about Ferdi's injury and was wondering if its true. as I said, i havent been watching/listening to too much about football in the last 2 years :S
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Doctor: "Go back to Africa."
You know? I'm really offended by that. I've had enough of your racist sh*t! You come back from a long period of inactivity, and post bulls**t like this.

Just kiddin', I lol'd.
England have had some sh*t luck. The Terry incident, Cole's injury looked dangerous, and now Rio.
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Nani out: ... MHD=soccer
Portugal have suffered a major injury blow after it was announced winger Nani would play no part in the World Cup after damaging his collarbone.

The Manchester United star is thought to have suffered the injury in training on Friday and will be replaced in the squad by Benfica midfielder Ruben Amorim.

Nani's absence will disrupt the plans of Portugal boss Carlos Queiroz, who was counting on the 23-year-old following an impressive season at Old Trafford.

A statement on the Portuguese Football Federation's official website read: "Following the injury to the left clavicle suffered by Nani, a daily assessment of the damage and the completion of medical tests, we have concluded he is unable to be competitive.

"The medical file will now be presented to the medical department of Manchester United.

"In light of the report, the Portuguese Football Federation, taking into account the FIFA regulations for the 2010 World Cup, will call-up Ruben Amorim as a replacement."

Nani had struggled to hold down a regular first-team place at United following his switch to the Barclays Premier League from Sporting Lisbon in 2007.

But he emerged from the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo following his compatriot's move to Real Madrid last summer and became an integral part of Sir Alex Ferguson's side as they narrowly lost out in the title race to Chelsea last term.

Amorim made 24 appearances for Benfica last season as they won the league for the first time in five years.
I'm gutted :'(

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I think it's so stupid how he is trying anything risky in training like an off balance acrobatic shot just days before the World Cup. He's always flipping around for goal celebrations...kinda ironic. Now CR will have so much pressure on him, especially against Brazil and Ivory Coast. This may open the door for Ivory Coast to slip through, especially if Drogba can play.

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In more important news that can actually effect the world cup (I think Portugals extremely over-rated)

Robben is out for the Denmark game at least

We'll know if Drogba is going to play in the WC by next monday, if he's not they'll replace him on the squad.

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I think Nani being out puts more pressure on Simao as he doesn't have someone who can come in to give him a break now. c.ronaldo was always going to do his thing anyways.

edit: not that big of a story but now Boulahrouz has hurt his ankle a little bit too. Apparently he'll be ready for the opening match though.

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