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I've most enjoyed watching Steven Gerrard block his own teammate off the ball against City. :lol:

On a serious note, I've really enjoyed watching the Wolves play this year. In particular, Doyle and Craddock. Craddock has got to be the toughest player in the EPL; look at the Stoke game where he kept playing even with a huge bandage on his head after clashing heads with Faye. Unbelievable. And Doyle has been exciting too. He's shown us that he's worthy of his strike partner Robbie Keane. He troubled both Chelsea's and United's defense with those long winding runs of his.

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i liked watching roy keane when he was playing. also, i like watching debutants, or when a young player plays his 4th or 5th game.

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Messi is the man

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