Rory Delap from Stoke..

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Rory Delap from Stoke..

Post by panchester07 » 17 Mar 2010, 03:33

Check out this guy's throw ins.... Some teams have started to complain, because when they play at home, the ball kids hand him a towel, which he uses to dry his hands, and perform a better throw in.. The Irish guy can throw the ball so hard from a throw in, because in his childhood and teenage years he threw the Javelin...

Here's the link to his throw ins: ... r_embedded#

What are your opinions?
If I played against this guy, I would make an effort for the ball to go to the corner, instead of a throw in, because of how dangerous he is with the ball in his hands.....
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Post by Zlatan5 » 17 Mar 2010, 03:43

He, along with other long throwers in the pro level are my idols, as I myself, without sounding too brash, have a big throw in. This season he's been putting more "drive" than he usually has, like last season he'd go for more distance. But, as my own witness, the long throw in can cause huge problems for teams.

As for the towel, it's smart he has someone hand him a towel. I used to and still do wear gloves when it's wet and cold, but for some reason, even with the grip on my gloves, I'd rather throw the ball barehanded, I can control the spin and "drive".

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Post by Anymi » 17 Mar 2010, 05:13

Without sounding rash aswell panchester, most of us has heard of this dude and seen his stuff. He used to do it with Sunderland to I think. In saying that though this is a sweet as topic to post regarding throw ins.

I think its an awesome asset this guy has, I think its also fair aswell.

The distance worked better though because it would float and Big Sidibe would glance it in. It would usually make the back post area so Stoke is set haha

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Post by Zlatan5 » 17 Mar 2010, 05:20

I think distance is a bit more challenging to defend. As it floats more and is less predictable. But, obviously some pace is necessary to force the keeper to make his decision with more haste. I myself at most can loft it into the center of the box, but with accuracy and pace the near post is my friend.

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Post by acmilan94 » 17 Mar 2010, 06:26

zlatan, do you train a particular part of your body that's important for long throwins? Or do you just practice taking throwins on your own?
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Post by Zlatan5 » 17 Mar 2010, 16:43

I just practice long throw-ins when I can. I used to be a tennis player so I have a fairly strong core. Serving in tennis requires a strong core for a powerful serve. Long throw ins require a good core, also technique. It's all about the run up and release really.

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Post by 2brown347 » 18 Mar 2010, 00:38

It's kind of sad to admit but our high school team had a kid who was terrible but had a flip throw down (He could throw it from the corner flag to the far side of the 6 yard box consistently), and every time we had a throw in within his range our coach would sub him in for until the next dead ball. I actually like receiving throw ins so I didn't really like the tactic but it did get us a few goals.

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Post by bsc » 18 Mar 2010, 02:16

I don't like how the towel wastes time and slows down the tempo and flow of the game. I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with it technically in the laws of the game though, so fair play to him. I doubt players will be allowed to stop and dry off their hands with an outside towel forever.

For now it's a viable technique that exposes poor man marking.

I still don't like it, but on this subject I am biased due to previous experience. ;)
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Post by a_twig » 18 Apr 2010, 02:43

Heh, I've been there too, BSC.
It's true, Panchester, Delap is the long throw specialist of them all. It doesn't always work, as the recent Stoke/Wolves fixture attests. Oh, it did work very well against the inexperienced defenders (aside from Toure) at Man City, yes, but guys like Jody Craddock are not going to fall for this pretty old trick.

By the way, there's a possible replacement for Delap (who's now 33), Greg Halford from the Wolverhampton reserves (behind Michael Kightly on the first team).

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