Tevez and his beef..

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soccer11 wrote:
arsenalfc08 wrote:
soccer11 wrote:I will always like Tevez, even though he went to City.

As for the celebration, I think if we were in a similar situation, a lot of us would do the same. He has no allegiance to Terry. If someone slept with one of my teammate's girlfriends, I'd be pissed off at them too.
She is also the mother of Bridge's child.
exactly. I'm willing to bet that everyone on City (maybe with the exception of 1 or 2) hates John Terry right. Tevez was the only one who really showed it.
Tough to say. It could be everyone on the team excluding Tevez hates bridge and was also screwing his girl friend.

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but don't you guys remember when terry spit on tevez?

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