Zlatan Open for Offers

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My brother heard on Fox Soccer Report that Inter is open for offers on Ibra.

if this is true, who do u think will go for him.
im thinking Man city, after failing for Kaka, they still want that BIG STAR, this is thier chance.

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yehh heard about this too.

the first link says how moratti says Ibra can go for 100M.. personally i think he's overrated and isnt worth 30M.

The second link says how Ibra's agent said he will stay at inter.

And finally the third link says how an offer of 100M would be hard to refuse

http://goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2009/0 ... mo-moratti

http://goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2009/0 ... nter-agent

http://goal.com/en/news/10/italy/2009/0 ... o-refuse-i

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I don't think any english teams will bu hm personally. He is way overrated and is to sof to play against and for an english team. He doesn't perform against decent teams....thats why he never does anything in the CL. If he leves he'll end up with another italian team, or a SPanish team. But his game int suited for english football.
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In a swedish magazine I read that they want a 100 million too. But I dont think he will go, if Manchester City doesn't give Inter 2 million maybe ;)
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