The Forgotten Striker - Andriy Shevchenko

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2brown347 wrote:Sheva didn't impress in his debut IMO, he might do better, but he'll never be the player he was when he left, it's time for everyone to accept it.
i think ac milan would have won it (the game) if the strikers finishing was better not just shevchenko but the other strikers too as ronnie made some excellent plays i think shevchenko did play a bit better than at chelsea hopefully he will improve as the season goes on

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And how long did Sheva play in his debut again? 20, 30 minutes? I wouldn't even be settled by then, let alone that miss that came 10 minutes after he got in. It's the first, you can't expect too much, but Sheva is making his return :D

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i like shevy a lot infact i have a freind who is related to shevshanko he is awsome (but he doesnt play soccer)

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