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Ronaldinho is not a very good playmaker

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 00:58
by thegame
ronaldinho is an above average player.
but i have watched la liga and his international performance this year. my friends and i have realized that DECO is more effective and more consistent throughout a match than ronaldinho. DECO is a better passer , however ronaldinho has more tricks (elastico and so on) which doesnt effect the outcome of the game. DECO does more than ronaldinho, remember 4-2 loss to real madrid when DECO was out.

i cant believe people dont respect RIQUELME,DECO,ZIDANE(of course still has it), KAKA, has one of the best playmakers or soccer players.

KAKA launches most Brazil and AC milan attacks. RiQUELME is the one the most effective passers.DECO controls the tempo very well

opinions please?


i think ronaldinho is known for his tricks his playmaking abilites are equal to or lesss than that of KAKA,DECO,RIQUELME,AIMAR

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 01:03
by soccer11
I think he's a very good playmaker, but i agree, his popularity is way too over-hyped and is kind of overrated, still, you cant say that he isnt a very good playmaker, i think he's one of the best, but not as good as everyone makes him out to be. but calling him only as an above average player is kind of a slap in the face, dont you think.

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 03:51
by HJK
No argument Deco has the force behind Barca, Ronaldinho does use alot of tricks but he also scores goals

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 12:08
by f.C_Valencia
i cant believe people dont respect RIQUELME,DECO,ZIDANE(of course still has it), KAKA, has one of the best playmakers or soccer players. "

who said people dont respect those playerS?

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 15:02
by Ronaldinho10
Ronaldinho has perhaps not had his best season - but he still got World player of the year - I agree that Deco's passing is more consistent than Ronaldinho's (but Ronaldinho's passing is also superb and one of his many assets) but Ronaldinho can be having an average game and then gives a little spark of genius and the game changes - also Ronaldinho doesn't do as many tricks as he used to and now that he is so well known every time you watch him you expext him to be brilliant all the time and that isn't possible- next season and the World Cup he will prove wrong any lingering doubts that he is overrated - also the 4-2 game vs. Real Madrid - he was ill all that week and still scored that awesome free-kick and earlier in the season he shredded Real Madrid to pieces at the Nou Camp.
Zidane , Ronaldinho , Kaka , Deco - they are all world class players and as playmakers cannot be seperated because they all have such fantastic individual qualities and are all respested greatly :D

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 15:52
by frizzyan
Riquelme for me is slightly overrated but some of the stuff he does is absolutely amazing.

Deco for me is awesome but seems like a feather cause he goes down to the floor too easily. He should move to England like Cristiano Ronaldo and learn it the hard way of not going down easily. C.Ronaldo has improved tremendously in this area of the game, but of course he still goes down easily at times(less often nowadays).

Zizzou has a lotta respect so I don't know what you're on about.

Sorry for attacking your opinion, but Ronaldinho not being a good playmaker is a ridiculous statement. I think he has all the necessary attributes a good playmaker should have. He can balance between dribbling and when to pass. Sure people may criticize that the way he passes might be too fancy, but the ball does get to his teammate most of the time doesn't it? He has numerous assists and that just shows what a wonderful playmaker the guy is.

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 16:12
by Mike
First off, I don't think you know what you're taking about when you say Ronaldinho isn't a good play maker. Sure there are other play makers, everyone has there own style. I personally don't like Riqulme just because he plays for the biggest brazilian rival, lol. But he does have skill no doubt about it. Kaka and Zidane are very good as well and I don't think anyone has doubted their skill. As for Deco...I'm completely against you if you're saying he's better than Ronaldinho. I don't think he comes close to his skill, not to mention he whines about every call and dives quite often, which is really annoying to watch! Sure, Ronaldinho has tricks , which is not neccessary but does help in attacking the opposition. I think he has created a lot more opportunities for his team rather than Deco.

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 16:16
by frizzyan
Well said Mike. You basically almost re-iterated my previous post but I still maintain Riquelme is slightly overrated and you've said that they play for Brazil's biggest rival. Haha well I fancy Argentina so that's the difference between our posts.

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 17:22
by thegame
i think ronaldinho is overrated and henry deserved the world player of the year trophy

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 17:30
by supersyed
Even if Ronaldinho isnt the best playmaker, 1 things certain. He's the most exciting 2 wach. Good entertainer. :)

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 18:14
by thegame
he doesnt play team soccer ver well

Posted: 30 Jun 2005, 19:57
by matt
i think tht whilst henry deservd the 'world player of the year' award, ronaldinho is still a brilliant playmaker.

i agree with ronaldinho10 and i think kaka is the best passer out of the players mentioned but ronaldinho is easily the most skillful. all the players u mentioned r brilliant at what they do, but i agree wiv whoever sed every1 has ther own style.

ronaldinho is no way ovverrated he is popular because he is fun to watch. lyk his goal against chelski in the champions league this year. people r expecting brilliance every time he touches the ball which is ridiculous even for him.

and deco does dive A LOT.

Posted: 01 Jul 2005, 01:57
by dooglas
thegame wrote:he doesnt play team soccer ver well
yea a playmaker doesnt play team soccer :lol:

Posted: 01 Jul 2005, 17:08
by thegame
i think we are going to measure ronaldinho by the trophies he is going to add to be in the same level as zidane, or surpass zizou. because the 2002 world cup was won by ronaldo, 1998 zidane won it for france, 1994 romario almost won it for brazil, the euro cup 2000 it was single handedly taken by zidane, and of course zidane won the 2002 champions league with that goal

in other words let us see if DINHO is going to win important games to be considered one the greats rather than a very good player whos was called Ronaldinho Gaucho