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Majed Abdullah
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Majed Abdullah is simply the greatest football player to ever come out of Saudi Arabia.

He was Born in 1958 at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and started his career in 1977 with "Al-Nassr" club in the Capital, Riyadh. From there he went on to become the best striker in the history of his team, his country and the Asian continent.

Majed's career spanned 22 years, which can be remembered as the golden period for his club and Saudi football.
He was part of the Saudi national team to win the Asian nations cup for the first time in 1984, and a second in 1988, qualify for the Olympics for the first time in 1984, and qualify for the World Cup finals for the first time in 1994.
In addition he led his club, Al-Nassr, to 11 national, regional, and Asian titles.

On the personal level he was the leading scorer in the Premier league 6 times, a national record, plus various scoring titles in regional and Asian championships.

Still, the biggest and most important number in his life is goals, of which he scored 533 in local and international games (official and friendly).
Majed was able to amass such a high number because he had all the striker position ingredients. A fast runner, an astonishing dribbler, a master of headers from all angles, an almost perfect penalty shooter, and above all he was a stunner, no matter what the stage of the game it was, suddenly he would take over and change the course of a game in a second.

Majed's career could have been more colorful, but some factors prevented him from making more achievements.
At first there were the injuries, of which he had so many, that many times he missed an entire tournament or even an entire season.
He also played under an ineffective continental confederation, Asian Football Confederation, which didn't start organizing Asian clubs championships on a steady basis until 1986, and started awarding the Player of the month and Player of the year titles only in 1995. He could have easily won many of those, especially during the eighties.
In addition the Saudi Football Federation ban on local players from playing abroad didn't help at all, had he joined some advanced league, he could have improved even further.

Majed Abdullah was widely known in all of Asia, But he did not make the world headlines until he topped the century club as the player with the most international matches in the world with 147. Currently he is at #3 with 140 games; seven games were discounted after scrutiny.
Although he is known to have played more than 170 internationals, FIFA counts only what is defined as "Class-A matches", excluding many Olympic and Regional matches.

Majed made it to every Saudi Arabian national team selection from 1977 to 1994, until he retired from international play in July of 1994, following his participation in World Cup USA 94, as team captain.

Majed Abdullah retired from the football world on the 12th of April 1998, after playing his last game with Al-Nassr club in the final of the Asian cup winners cup against Samsung of South Korea, which Al-Nassr won 1-0.

- Career Achievements -

1. With the Saudi Arabian national team:

1984: Qualifying for Los Angeles Olympics

1984: 8th Asian Nations Cup

1988: 9th Asian Nations Cup

1994: Qualifying for the world cup (U.S.A.)

2. With Al-Nassr Club:

1980: Saudi Premier League

1981: Saudi Premier League

1981: King's Cup

1986: King's Cup

1987: King's Cup

1989: Saudi Premier League

1990: King's Cup

1995: Saudi Premier League

1996: Gulf clubs Championship

1997: Gulf clubs Championship

1998: Asian Cup winners' Cup

3. Personal Achievements:

Saudi Premier League Top Scorer 6 Times
(a national record):

1979 ( 13 ) Goals
1980 ( 17 )
1981 ( 21 )
1983 ( 14 )
1986 ( 15 )
1989 ( 18 )

Asian Footballer of the year 3 times 1984,1985,1986 (selected by a panel of journalists)

Saudi Arabia's Player of the century selected by AFP news agency

Ranked 3rd In the voting for Asia's best player of the century, Awarded Feb 1999

Asian Player of the month twice june 1995, january 1997 (selected by Asian Football Confederation)

Arab countries top scorer "Golden Boot", Twice: 1981,1989

Asian Olympic qualifiers top scorer 1984,
(13 Goals.. 7 in first round, 6 in final round )

Gulf cup top scorer (with national team) 1982, (3 Goals)

Gulf clubs' Championship top scorer, twice:1991 (5 Goals), 1996 (5 Goals)


Saudi league's top scorer 6 times.. a long standing national record, the next players in the list won it only twice
Of the 6 top scorer titles, he won 3 in a raw, no other player won it even two in a raw
Holds the national record for the most goals scored in the premier league, 189 Goals
Holds the national record for the longest affiliation with the premier league, 20 years (1977-1997)
Scored 5 Goals in one international match against Qatar on 3-4-1979, still unbroken national record
In 1981, he repeated that number in a friendly against Indonesia
In 1989, he repeated the same number again in a league match against Alrowdah
Scored 4 goals in just 15 minutes, against India, during a qualifier for the 1984 Olympics, another national record


Scored 533 goals throughout his career, As follows:
67 Goals for the National team In Class "A" matches
142 Goals for the National team In Non-Class "A" matches
324 Golas for Al-Nassr football club, official and friendly
Scored his first goal for Al-Nassr club on 18-3-1977 against Alwihdah in the Premier League
Scored his first goal for the Saudi national team in a friendly against Benfica of Portugal in 1977
His first official goal for the Saudi national team came in the 8th Asian Games held in Bangkok, December 1978, against Qatar
Scored his last official goal for the national team on 18-5-1993, against Kuwait in a qualifier for the 1994 World Cup
His last goal for the national team came on 4-6-1994, a friendly against Trinidad & Tobago in preparation for the World Cup
Scored his last goal for Al-Nassr club on 10-4-1998 against Kopetdag of Turkmenistan in the semi-final of Asia's Cup winners Cup
The heights scoring player for the national team
The heights scoring player in the history of Al-Nassr club


Played his first game with Al-Nassr football club on 14-1-1977, in a friendly against Alfat'h from Morocco
Played his first official game in the Saudi premier league on 20-1-1977 against Alshabab during the second round of the season
Had the honor of playing in the inaugural season of the Saudi premier league 1976-1977
Selected to the youth national team after only his first 5 matches in the premier league, and then directly selected to the first National team
Played his first game for the national team in 1977, in a friendly against Benfica of Portugal, and scored two goals
Holds the Asian record, third in the world, for the number of international class "A" matches played, 140
Represented his country in its first ever presence in the Olympics, Los Angeles 1984
He was the national team captain in its first ever appearance in the World Cup, USA 1994
Played his last international game on 29-6-1994 against Belgium in the World Cup, which the Saudis won 1-0
Played his final game with Al-Nassr club on 12-4-1998 against Samsung of South Korea in the final of Asia's Cup winners Cup, which Al-Nassr won 1-0

- Pictures -

Accepting the golden boot
as Arab's top scorer 1981

Raising Asian Nation's cup 1984

Unstoppable, even with 4 defenders

Asian champion in 1988

- Video -

Vs. Argentina 1989

Vs. England 1989

Vs. Scotland 1989

Vs. Hamboug 1978

Vs. China 1984 Amazing Goal

A Header 1988

A foul kick 1988

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looks like u did ur researh, nice player abdullah :D

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its amazing how many excellent footballers go unoticed because of the places they live. For instance, if he was english, he'd probably be consdiered as a legend

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True sometimes great players go unoticed and I feel bad for them. With their talent and skill they could've been famous. At least Pele of Arab achieved what he wanted to achieve.
The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.

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As good as he was (those stats prove he was a quality player), you can't help but wonder how he would have performed in a bigger league. Stick Drogba in the Saudi leagues and I'm sure he would score a hell of a lot more than he does now.

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Haha stick Kezman in the Saudi League and he'll go back to his PSV days.

I doubt that he's unnoticed by the bigger leagues, maybe he just didn't fit into the requirements of bigger teams at the time. And he was playing against players that were levels below him? So it left poor old guy in the middle whereby he could not join a better team, nor play against better opponents.

Majed Abdullah
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Majed Abdullah had an alot of order for him to play out in europe most famous clubs who wanted him like inter milan but the saudi football union were stoping the outplay thats why he have not a international popular. but he reccomended as best arab player and the best goalkeepers in the world didnt stop him from goalling as like England keeper boby sharlton and the brazelian gilmar

in the saudi league there were alot of international players as like brazelian zico and roberto revillino -dinmate- but they didnt score alot of goals even they play all the league for zico he just scored 2 goals and revillino 1 goal,, and they didnt made any self award in the league.

u can see in this flash what he did with the brazelian defenders and what he did with the brazelian keeper gimlar.

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majed is one of the greatest players I ever seen, he had the skills, use both legs, head, fast, And he was chosen as the player of the 20th century in the Arab world by aljazeera T.V. channel's poll 2000.

i'm from Qatar but i think majed Abdullah is the best player in the arab world until now.

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HAha when I meant poor, i didn't literally mean poor as in lack of wealth.

How can you be poor in a country that has some of the richest people around, and a country that has so much natural oil reserves.

What I meant poor was kind of sad.

I guess now after you explained how the Saudi Union prevented him from playing in Europe, then yeah he is really poor and quite a tragic case cause playing in Europe would have been much better for him.

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