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Post by FCBarcelona » 16 Sep 2006, 23:28

Kuyt because he has a better attitude and is a harder worker I think.

Lahm v A. Cole

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Post by gnarlyjim » 17 Sep 2006, 04:18

A. Cole. The guy is versatile, and talented.

Fabregas vs. Hleb

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Post by powell » 17 Sep 2006, 17:19

Fabregas, since he has been at arsenal he has developed as abetter and since helb has joined he hasnt lived up to his expections and struggles to break into the first team.

sissoko vs carrick

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Post by ISNAD » 20 Sep 2006, 09:23

carrick for me cuz he has a better passing ability

c.ronaldo vs david beckham.....both r very good right meidlifelders

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Post by A-man147 » 20 Sep 2006, 21:55

Beckham, people think hes overrated, but not as much as C. Ronaldo is, and he has a better free kick.

Tevez vs Ashton
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Post by milanese » 24 Sep 2006, 03:22

Tevez is class, way better then Ashton. He's in terrible form at the moment (Tevez).

Mancini or Malouda?
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Post by mpcarres14 » 24 Sep 2006, 03:32

Malouda, he is in teriffic form for Lyon for who he pretty much leads the attack, he is potent for Les Bleus, and in general is very underrated. Also, could Ashton be in bad form because he has a broken ankle? It's kind of hard to play with one of those...

Craig Bellamy vs. Henri Camara

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Post by gnarlyjim » 24 Sep 2006, 03:33

Malouda, bigger impact on the international level.

Ibrahimovic vs. Adriano

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Post by owensglory » 24 Sep 2006, 09:40

camara.always the key player for wigan.bellamy has had bad temper.throwing a chair at souness and fighting with mcdermott.
adriano.better at heding,pace,stamina.has higher percentage of goals than ibrahimovic,who has scored just 23 goals from 70 appearances for juve.

crouch vs koller

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Post by *~El Maestro~* » 24 Sep 2006, 16:08

Koller is on a different level, he has shown that he can make the difference and is a more prolific goalscorer than crouch. Despite being tall, Koller is fast too and has a good head game. he can score or lay off the ball for his teammates, and is a very dangerous man for other defences.

De Rossi vs Perrota

Or Mexes vs Boumsong

you chose

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Post by Shanghai-Shenhua » 24 Sep 2006, 18:52

De rossi, He's just more skilled with the ball

Cahill vs Nakamura

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Post by iwannagopro » 25 Sep 2006, 05:57

cahill, I prefer him over nakamura because he seems like a better player in general, since he scored twice and gave an assist in a game against japan that included nakamura, who only scored 1

klaas-jan huntelaar vs. van nistelrooy

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Post by Morgoth » 25 Sep 2006, 18:30

Van Nistelrooy. He's much more experienced and has played on the highest level for many years and scored tons of goals. Huntelaar is a great goalscorer no doubt, but he havent prooved himself on the highest level yet.

Hugo Viana vs Ricardo Quaresma
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Post by hustler89 » 02 Oct 2006, 11:23

Riccardo Quaresma.
Better all-rounder. More well known.

Fabregas Vs. Carrick

kamil k
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Post by kamil k » 02 Oct 2006, 11:37

Fabregas- if i had a choice of buying one of those players i would buy Fabregas, he is more useful!

Cahill or Bresciano?

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