wat happened 2 mateja kezman?

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Post by jcdenton » 18 Jun 2005, 21:07

matt wrote:
jcdenton wrote:I AM BORED LIKE KEZMAN IN CHELSEA!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
he is not good enough for chelsea, he should come back here and try to help his FC Partizan because since he left they couldn't beat FC Red Star.... :D :D and that is 3-4 seasons...
i have played football with his younger brother few months ago....
wow thts quite impressiv. my only footballing claim to fame is having bin coached by luke chadwick's brother. (actually i liv really close to mark jackson - the guy who was on 'hard spell'- but thts nuttin to do woth football!)
my friend from school is the best friend of kezman's brother, they always drink together and smoke weed 8) ....

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