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3 yellow cards ....What The ?????

Posted: 24 Jun 2006, 06:46
:? In every game the auzies have played so far they have been harshley done by the refes and to proove this in the croatia verse Aus game yesterday the croatians defender was given 2 yellow cards and the ref must of forgot he had 2 and didnt send him off. and then near the end of the game he recieved another yellow card and still didnt go off but then the full time whistle went and he had no choice but to go home !!!!!!!


Posted: 25 Jun 2006, 13:44
by cfrealmadrid
there have been unnecessary yellow cards in literally every game i've watched so far. last time i checked, the average yellows per game was around 5.3, which is incredibly high. the refs need to start giving warnings first. anyway, back to the point, the officiating has been horrible so far, and it's really no surprise that a ref would lose track of how many yellows he'd given out.

Posted: 25 Jun 2006, 19:34
by ratherton
It's down to FIFA, they have told the refs unless they stick to the letter of the law, they will not get further appointments

Posted: 26 Jun 2006, 02:49
by peps1154
The games are being destroyed because of the refs. the slogan is for the good of the game, but so far the cards have been working for the bad of it.

Posted: 26 Jun 2006, 08:52
by ratherton
No, the game is being destroyed by FIFA. They make the rules and tell the refs to enforce those rules.

You can get all the money in the world that the people who make these rules have never played the game

However, if dishing out yellow and red cards like that helps stop the diving, cheating and time-wasting, I'm all for it

Posted: 26 Jun 2006, 15:38
by ajc
Holland versus Portugal was destroyed by the ref. I don't care what FIFA told him to do, the ref let that game get out of control and ended up giving a record 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards in one game! And the referee giving three yellow cards to one player was just ridiculous. I was watching the other game which finished a few minutes earlier, so I switched to watch Australia and the ending was so messed up. No one even knew if the game was over or if he was getting a card or what. The referee may have been told to give yellow cards for minor offenses but he wasn't told to cause confusion and ruin games.

Posted: 30 Jun 2006, 11:44
by *~El Maestro~*
poll got sent home and is planning an international retirement.
he will still referee during the EPL though

this is what he has to say and claims it will be the only time he talks about it:

seems like a very honest guy and a down to earth person. i feel sorry for him that it turned out this way.