Worst Piece of Officiating

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Worst Piece of Officiating

Post by ajc » 14 Jun 2006, 14:37

Throughout the tournament post what you think has been the worst piece of officiating. I think so far it's either been Japan's goal versus Australia when the striker pushed the goalie out of the way and there was no call, or Spain being awarded a penalty when the striker wasn't even touched and he still got a shot off.
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Post by hustler89 » 14 Jun 2006, 16:19

I think it was France's Thierry Henry penalty appeal, when it hit the Swiss defender's hand but the ref dismissed it.

Maybe the Ghana penalty appeal, where their captain got tripped up in the box by 2 Italian defenders.

Throughout the Spain-Ukraine match, I was thinking that the ref and one of the linesmen were in favour of Spain...

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Post by matt » 14 Jun 2006, 17:27

1) Mark Schwarzer, Australia's goalie, clearly ran out to try and get the ball through 4 players. He wasn't pushed - it was his own fault.

Incindentally, Japan should have had two penalties in that match anyway.

2)The Ghana forward fell before he was tripped - if he had kept his trailing leg still he would have had a certain penalty.

Easily the worst decision was Spain being awarded a penalty and Ukraine being down to 10 men. Dreadful decision - Torres was not touched, he fell over without even appealing for a penalty and the ref sends off a player for nothing. Ukraine were punished twice for nothing, as Villa scored the penalty.
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Post by peps1154 » 15 Jun 2006, 02:53

It has to be the call in the Ukraine Spain game, Ukraine was already in big trouble and then this ref basicaly hands Spain a third goal and gives them a one men adventage.

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Post by P.Nedved » 15 Jun 2006, 03:55

The reff basicly won the game for spain. There was no need whatsoever
for that red card, bad officiating... :x

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Post by soccerchic_06 » 17 Jun 2006, 23:35

oh gosh, guys, Italy vs. USA
he gave us 2 red cards
no reason

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Post by jthursto » 18 Jun 2006, 01:03

Japan vs Australia, or USA vs Italy but no matter what that ref woulda done he still would have been ragged on for the US not winning...they make great scapegoats :)

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Post by thierryhenry14 » 18 Jun 2006, 01:11

The foul on on Henry in the game against the Swiss was quite blatent he was furious and so was I being a French fan that was an instant PK which would have won it for them
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Post by prtglsoccerfan22 » 18 Jun 2006, 01:45

yeah. USA vs Italy match. just horrible reffing. but the guy has history so eh :?

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Post by ROIUSA » 18 Jun 2006, 01:49

mastroenis red was unreal, defantly a yellow, but balboa was right in calling it a make up red, and popes was fair enough really, but even for italy, the were robbed of like 3 or 4 chances by offsides call that shouldnt have been called
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Post by vcssoccer_01 » 20 Jun 2006, 02:18

are you kidding? pope had a clean slide. that will be teh last game that guy refs. someone is going to kill him. what a moron. he took away our goal.. yeah that one when it hit the guys hand was pretty obvious. refs suck over in europe.

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Post by J » 20 Jun 2006, 04:18

vcssoccer_01 wrote: refs suck over in europe.
That ref was from Uraguay.

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Post by *~El Maestro~* » 20 Jun 2006, 09:39

african nations were cheated from many penalties too. ivory coast in more than one game. ghana against italy. togo against switzerland. i didnt watch angola or tunisia so i cant say anything about those matches. but its seriously not fair. first of all they are in difficult groups, and then they have to be cheated from their penalties. its sad how the big footballing nations get help from the refs.

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Post by jthursto » 20 Jun 2006, 15:20

*~El Maestro~* wrote:african nations were cheated from many penalties too. its sad how the big footballing nations get help from the refs.
So true. I was furious at the cards and fouls Ivory Coast received. Drogba played so much better than that and they gave him crap calls.

It almost seems like the refs are afraid to call a big foul on a nation like Italy or England, because they are such powerhouses in Europe.

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Post by ajc » 20 Jun 2006, 17:21

The refs have definately favored larger footballing nations with more history over the newcomers, such as USA and every team from Africa. If ronaldinho commits the same foul as Mastroeni he wouldn't even have been booked.
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