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The best brazillian world cup team

Posted: 11 Jun 2006, 17:31
by avyay4barca_911
This topic has two sides to it but i've heard that alot of people think that the current brazillian team is the best of al brazillian team of all time. Do you think so? If not which one was?

Posted: 11 Jun 2006, 18:54
by jonte
bebeto & romario 8)

Posted: 19 Oct 2010, 03:31
by Terrible_At_Soccer

Posted: 19 Oct 2010, 03:53
by nick117
i'm glad 1-2 people make up a team.

Posted: 19 Oct 2010, 04:07
by 2brown347
I think most would agree the 1970 squad is the best Brazilian team ever, hell a lot think it's the best team ever, period. On a even more general point though the current team isn't that special IMO.

Posted: 19 Oct 2010, 16:06
by klc123
Yeah, but this post was originally made 4 years back :lol:

The 2006 world cup squad were good, but they were not good as 1998 or 2002 imo.

But yeah, as brown said the 1970 is thought by many to be the greatest team in history, so there isn't a lot of competition.