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Australia world cup

Post by touchshoot »

hey as u guys know im from oz. I wanted to get a perspective of what u guys from other countries think about australia do u think they pose a threat?
lil italy
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Post by lil italy »

this should be moved into the world cup section.

the fact that australia is not a very good side and dont pose a threat to many countries is very good for them. They have very little pressure ( they did well to just get there), compared to teams such as brazil and england, who will have much pressure as everyone is expecting a good world cup for them.

When the brazil plays the socceroos, they will be expected to dominate them, so if the aussies play hard and the brazilians dont annihilate them, they will lose confidence and the aussies will get it.

The aussies have a good side and if they play well will have a chance. However, their group makes it difficult for them.
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Post by peps1154 »

i think Australia has a ver y good team actuallly. I say so based on the not so long ago Confederations cup where I was hugely impressed by the beutiful soccer they were able to play. Will they get out of their group? I dont know, however they are not to be taken lightly.
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Post by JDTRIXTA »

Yer i would really like to see the Auzzies get through the group stages but it will be difficult with such a hard pool to get through. Maybe because we are the underdogs some teams might not play aswell against us and maybe we could steal a win like we did against Greece the other day. 1-0 :lol:
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