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What Happened? USA vs.Germany

Posted: 24 Mar 2006, 21:31
by maradona10
im sure everyone caught the usa vs germany game. i missed most of it. but from what i saw defense was off. usa defense that is. the first half went well. holding germany off. but then all of the sudden complete breakdown. thankfully it was just a friendly and hopefully not something to look forward to happening in the group games.

Posted: 26 Mar 2006, 23:26
by ratherton
I saw the whole game and I thought it looked like 2 average teams.

Posted: 27 Mar 2006, 00:12
by maradona10
Two "average" teams wouldnt end up with a 4-1 game. Germany defintely was the better of the two teams that day. Thanks for the reply though.

Posted: 27 Mar 2006, 00:18
by ratherton
You can get a score of 4-1 between two teams of any ability.

The performance of both teams in that game was, at best average, although compared to recent results for Germany, it was a stunning result. It was a little bit unfair on the US, they weren't much worse than the Germans

I know the US can play better than that but I'm not sure how much better Germany can play.

Posted: 27 Mar 2006, 00:32
by maradona10
Yeah i agree. The US defintely should have won that game. But still the second half of play for them was below average. Defense anyway. Offense did great but they didnt get many opportunities. Other than the last part of the second i completely agree with you on them being average. I was just saying that the score didnt seem like 2 average teams would have played in it.

Posted: 06 Apr 2006, 05:31
by XstaticX
I think that it would have helped to have Donovan and also a lot of other starters but unfortunately this was not possible. Still though, I'm not shaken by the loss. THe US has a stronger core of players in their Arsenal.

Posted: 07 Apr 2006, 13:08
by fir_nev
Germany is still an average team to me.... honestly, I think they lack individual skill...

Posted: 08 Apr 2006, 03:19
by waynroony
c'mon guys obviously if we had had i think eight of our starters against all of germanys starters we would have had a k.o. game. i am also not shaken by the loss, when we have all of our players in the world cup we will be fine. 8)

Posted: 17 Apr 2006, 22:15
by steve-0
it was a pretty even game in teh first half. but teh german squad found a way to score, and once they did, teh u.s. sorta put their heads down.