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Posted: 18 Jul 2011, 00:46
by shahensha
panchester07 wrote:Where you guys really watching this when Brazil - Paraguay was on? :?:
I will be man enough to admit it: Yes I was watching the final when Brazil vs Paraguay was going on.

Granted the quality of skill is terrible compared to Men. I mean I have seen second division teams play better than these World Class players. However the drama of the final was too intense.

Japan had a glorious chance to pull off an upset and they did just that. Considering it is a country ravaged by the recent tsunami, they were the underdogs. They beat the number 1 nation Germany, dismantled the 5th ranked nation Sweden and came from behind against USA twice to win it in the shootouts. This kind of stuff only happens in movies.

Considering the Brazil vs Paraguay game was absolutely lacklustre and boring, I am glad I spent my two hours watching this final.