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Posted: 05 Jul 2010, 14:29
by panchester07
Harsh, debatable, but most of the times the answer is yes. Weather he wants to win for his own cause, and for his own fame I highly doubt, but his incapabilities as a manager are notorious.

A Rule of thumb is basically: Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, and a few others are all superb quality teams. Whenever they play each other and the difference between them is as abysmal as it was on saturday, you need to question yourself what went wrong. In Argentina, its simple, and you need not to look too long, Maradona is helpless tactically. In England, possibly Capello's italian style doesn't mix well with England's. But atleast capello has coached a long time and he lined up a more than capable midfield.

Mexico uncovered the lack of midfield that Argentina had, korea did at times, and greece did, but they where never gonna trouble argentina too much... They depended on sparks and moments of inspiration to win games, and for periods of the game vs Germany, they looked like they could score 1 atleast , but just by individual plays where they could make a few passes and beat a few men. If you could add 1-2 good midfielders to the equation, samuel in the back, and zanetti in the right side, Argentina's fate this tournament would have clearly been another one.

I hope Maradona leaves soon, though a few of the players particularly asked him to stay till 2011. If Maradona could assume a motivational role in Argentina, and leave tactics and strategies to other men that know about this, the combination would be brutal. That is world class players + good coach + one of the best motivators. Maybe not the title in 2014, but a good chance in winning it. Tevez will stay one more cup, messi one or two, higuian the same, kun will still be here, di maria just signed for madrid and hopefully he'll grow, and a few others will still be around. You still need a midfielder or two and Riquelme is getting old, and Veron got old a long time ago:P.Gago? It would be so cool if suddenly theres another argentine developing in the academy of barcelona, and he'd be another center midfielder of the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Cesc :O:O That'd be sick! Though theres Gago out there, and a few others that could step it up. fu** I'll be centermidfield if they really need one!

Posted: 05 Jul 2010, 18:19
by Evan
----Lucho----------Di Maria


That looks good for the future, something like that

Posted: 05 Jul 2010, 19:08
by Hugh
Why does no one give Tevez the respect he deserves? It's just like Kuyt. He works way too damn hard to be left out of the team, his work ethic has an effect on the entire squad and is a serious game changer.

-------Replacement for mascherano
--Don't know----------Dimaria

Posted: 05 Jul 2010, 19:31
by panchester07
Tevez is an idol in Argentina, the press criticized everybody Messi included except him. He's from a really ugly hood in Argentina, grew up in the inferior divisions of Boca Junior's, and not till early this decade did he transfer to Europe. Everybody knows him. Everybody(in argie) loves his disposition to bleed for the T-shirt and to give his all in every practice, every training, every second of every game. He's argentina's favorite man. I consider him better than Kuyt also. 20+ goals per season with Man U and this season he got like 25+ with Man City. He even benched Milito that had that wonderful season with 33 goals with inter. Imo he gets a lot of credit, and as much as he deserves.

Evans I liked your formation by the way.