I hate Alexi Lalas

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I think John Harkes is the worst. I don't think he can get through one broadcast (mls or usmnt) without talking about how he talked to Jozy on the phone, called Jozy, texted Jozy, emailed Jozy, had dinner with Jozy.

I like Jozy as much as the next person but that is extreme.

I'd love to see Wynalda and Harkes commentate. It will never happen but it would be funny given their history.

I did agree with him on the fact that buddle should have started over findley. Anyone should have started over findley.

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I enjoy hearing Jurgen Klinsman and Ruud Gulit (although, I admit, I didn't get to hear him during a Holland game). They are intelligent, and although they have obvious and understandable, they are not obnoxious about it. For example, Klinsman talked about how Germany was clearly the technically better side, that the quality came through despite the players being young. He may even have said "we." However, when asked about the Lampard goal, he said it was clearly a goal. It was fair and reasonable. I can deal with that.

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I'm surprised you guys actually bother listening to the pundits at all.

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