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@Soccer11 You see Germany beating Argentina?

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bsc wrote:Hey Soccer11, once you get to the quarter finals, our brackets look pretty similar.
Great minds man, great minds
won't argue there :D
@Soccer11 You see Germany beating Argentina?
I do. Germany is always good in tournaments. I've always counted them out and I always get burned by it. No one saw them getting that far in WC 2006 or Euro 2008 but they did because it's almost as if they're built to excel in tournament play. I'd argue that without Ballack, they've become a more exciting team and maybe even a little bit better.

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Don't know how valid this is after a game has already been played, but here's my bracket anyway. I'm listing my winning picks first.

Round of 16
England v Serbia
Mexico v Nigeria
Holland v Paraguay
Brazil v Chile
Argentina v France
USA v Serbia
Italy v Denmark
Spain v Portugal

Quarter Finals
England v Mexico
Holland v Brazil
Argentina v USA
Spain v Italy

Semi Finals
Holland v England
Spain v Argentina

Spain v Holland

EDIT: I just noticed I have Serbia on here twice. I meant to have Germany losing to England in the round of 16, which is what it looks like the matchup will be (although I had England as winners of their group and Germany as second in theirs).

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soccer11 wrote:Round of 16
France vs. Nigeria
England vs. Serbia
Netherlands vs. Paraguay
Brazil vs. Chile
Argentina vs. Uruguay
Germany vs. United States
Italy vs. Cameroon
Spain vs. Ivory Coast

Quarter Finals
France vs. England
Netherlands vs. Brazil
Argentina vs. Germany
Cameroon vs. Spain

England vs. Brazil
Spain vs. Germany

Brazil vs. Spain
just wanted to look back on our pre-tournament brackets. haha some pretty funny picks all the way around

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I'd like to point out I did get the Uraguay vs S. Korea game right :wink:

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