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Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 04:49
by eugene
my dream is to play for the Korean national team even though I am a naturalized american citizen

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 07:43
by the_pwner
i wanna play 4 da b3st team in da world


Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 15:23
by Real_Zidane
How can you play for the usa when you don't even speak english?

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 03:08
by oobee007
I'd play for Australia


Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 09:41
by powell
I would have 3 cohices, canada, england or wales. I think i would play for england but i wouldnt be 100% sure since im only a small part english and more canadian and welsh.

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 09:45
by Rulezzz
Id play for England all the way, my blood is only a small part English, i cud play for Jamaica as well, but i was born and bred in England.

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 09:57
by belija91
I am Bosnian but I am an Australian Citizen. I love Bosnia but I want to play for Australia because it's a great country it has made me the player I am.

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 10:11
by jcdenton
belija91 wrote:I am Bosnian but I am an Australian Citizen. I love Bosnia but I want to play for Australia because it's a great country it has made me the player I am.
what kind of Bosnian?
Croatian, Serbian or Turk?

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 11:46
by belija91
I am not Croatian, Serbian or Turkish I'm Bosnian.

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 12:00
by gnarlyjim
uhoh... let's not repeat what happened with Falcao in a similar topic, please. :wink:

I would play for Canada. I still have family in Scotland and England (I think in England... :? ) so if I ever move there, I might be able to play for them, but I don't know. I think I'd still play for Canada.

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 18:45
by iwannagopro
I have been born and bred in the US... but I lived in Spain for a year, and I have dual citizenship for Holland. Therefore I would play for Holland, and if I didn't make the team, then so be it.

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 19:14
by jcdenton
i have right to get Croatian and Bosnian nationality...
i can maybe get Montenegrin nationality, because my last name is similar to some of their...
but i'm 100% Serb, and i don't need any other nationality...

interesting thing is that with Croatian passport i could go anywhere without visa... US,UK,EU... but still national pride is national pride...

Posted: 29 Apr 2007, 19:44
by rzadzinski
Canada and Poland.

If I could though, Poland might be where I would like to play. Especially for EURO 2012, but that's a stretch. Still, I am more Polish then Canadian, even though I was born and raised here in Canada. All of my family's Polish, and I consider myself full Polish as well.

Posted: 30 Apr 2007, 00:21
by soccer11
well i'm 100% Hungarian but i've been living in the USA all my life. i'd try USA first but if i couldnt then i wouldnt mind going to play for Hungary. it would be pretty nice

Posted: 30 Apr 2007, 00:48
by ajc
It doesn't seem to me like a lot of you have much national pride. I mean, some of you guys say I would play for this country, but if I couldn't make it I'd play for another one?! Maybe I can't understand because I'm not in that type of position, but I think some of the opinions that have been expressed reflect a sad truth about many international players: they don't have any pride. They do anything they can to get out of playing in friendlies because they see it as unimportant, when really representing your country on the pitch in any match is a huge honor. My roots aren't completely from the United States, but that is where I have lived all my life and I would be proud to represent my country and would never play for another. I can't fathom going against the nation I have lived in all my life.

Sometimes jcdenton goes on and on about Serbia (no worries) but I respect his pride in his country. Just imagine how incredible international matches could be if all professional footballers had that attitude.