when is the world cup? pls tell some info pls

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when is the world cup? pls tell some info pls

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:roll: hehe i feel so left out.. i dont know whats happening now.. couldnt watch any of the games at all. been bussy with school work cause im graduating next year im trying to do my best so i dont need that much subjects next year.. so whose acutally going to the finals and when is the world cup happening..
plz some info or a lot.. i totaly dont know whats happening and im missing out in a lot.. im still not done with school and this is the only time i got to actually use the internetm, and im going back to school in couple mins.. thnx guys.. pls some info in the game
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well they are only in the qualifying rounds to get into the world cup right now. The world cup is next summer (2006 in germany) where all the teams that qualify will play.
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The world cup happens every 4 years during the summer because that's when most national associations have their vacations. Unfortunately for players, that every 4 year cycle means a shorter summer but a great chance to represent country and boost reputation.

It was held in South Korea and Japan 2002 (first time Two asian countries held it, and I guess first time there were Co-hosts? correct me if I'm wrong)

It will be held next year in Germany, and in South Africa in 2010.

Go to http://www.fifa.com (The official website of Fifa) for more information, or http://www.planetfootball.com (my favorite footy site run by Skysports).
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I've been putting together an information website about the finals next year. It's aimed at supporters who are going to be travelling to the finals but you may find it useful as a starting point

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