Who are You supporting for the World cup?

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Post by angad » 07 May 2006, 10:00

i am from india (they never have qualified) but i support brazil and italy....
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Post by carl155 » 09 May 2006, 01:12

Oh this is a toughy, I want to support Italy cause im proud of my Italian soccer heritage, but at the same time, I want USA to come up top to show the world we mean business about soccer, not just about mcdonalds, lol. Just kiddin about the mcdonalds part. :D

But of course, BOTH of my teams are in the same braquet, so only one of these teams will come up, or even none lol.

But in that case, ill go with the underdog(I hate bandwagoners).

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Post by jonte » 10 May 2006, 17:26

Zlatanist javisst!

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Post by jabzz » 15 May 2006, 17:29

im going with Ukraine...YEaH !
then USA(hoping theyll make it out atleast to semi-finals), then FRANCE (Zidane,Henry,Cisse,Saha..should be interesting)..

i love watching Brazil play, its like poetry in motion, its hard not to cheer for them..

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Post by jimorrison » 16 May 2006, 18:54

Mexico and Brazil....

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Post by fil10 » 16 May 2006, 19:14

canada... ya right.

well im going for brazil or agentina. and maybe france since zidane is retiring. :cry:
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Post by calisoccer » 20 May 2006, 18:00

Portugal all the!!!! they got C Ronaldo Deco Pauleta and Figo
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Post by Snoopyx623 » 21 May 2006, 02:22

ITALY all the way

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Post by Fehmi » 31 May 2006, 16:46

i think france, spain, england, argentina, and brazil are most likely to win, france have a good midfield, attack, and a moderate defense but they have the motivation. spain have a good defense, strikers and experienced mids. england are superb but only missing 1 forward. argentina are wicked sick, and brazil no comment. and plz dont try to say that a team other then these will win cuz ull look dumb. my favorite team is holland which is pretty good and team work

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Post by karlofootball10 » 31 May 2006, 19:13

i have got a new team to support- the ivory coast, they ceased the fighting in the country because their team qualified the first time ever. i just admire that and i hope they make it far.
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Post by JDTRIXTA » 10 Jun 2006, 07:06

Australia all the way !!!!!! they are an under estimated side but have proven to beat the higher ranked teams in the past and hopefully will continue to in the group stages. :wink:

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Post by socR » 17 Jun 2006, 14:39


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Post by Duffo » 18 Jun 2006, 22:22

Come On the ENGLISH!!

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Post by adidas » 18 Jun 2006, 22:39

Brazil :wink:

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