Expert Football Biennial Anniversary (2004-2006) freestyle competition
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Post by expert » 25 Mar 2006, 16:16


Each judge will review this video by answering the following questions:
C1. What was the skill level of the freestyler?
C2. What was the most complicated trick that he/she performed?
S1. What was the style of the freestyler?
S2. How did his/her tricks flow from one to the next?
O1. How original were the tricks in the video?
O2. Was was the most interesting or unique part of this video?
E1. Did the video feel too long or too short? How well was it edited?
E2. How fun was it to watch this video?

After reviewing the clip, each judge will rate it in four categories:
Complexity score: 1-10 pts
Style score: 1-10 pts
Originality score: 1-10 pts
Entertainment score: 1-10 pts

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Post by expert » 01 Apr 2006, 15:26

C1. Murilo is very skilled at both lowerbody and upper. Also shows potential in his sitdown moves
C2. The combo at 0:40 is very impressive. He goes from shoulder stall to head stall to neck stall and then catches the ball with the back of his thigh
S1. His style was very clean, he made the hard look easy
S2. The flow was great, he transitioned from one trick to the next with little effort
O1. Nearly all of his combos were fresh and original. Instead of following, he invented his own combos
O2. The three ball move at 3:10 was sick
E1. The video was perfect length and not heavily edited
E2. Murilo should be proud of himself. This is an amazing and original video, it kept me wondering "what will he do next?"

Complexity score: 8
Style score: 9
Originality score: 10
Entertainment score: 9

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Post by sekhri10 » 03 Apr 2006, 06:41

C1. Quite skilled at lower as well as upper
C2. Spinning kneestall-atw-new sh*t was pretty complicated and done smoothly
S1. Very sleek and smooth style - makes it look simple
S2. Flowed pretty well with good variety
O1. Some original ideas in there that he pulled off smoothly
O2. Three ball trick made me laugh and say "that was insane" (which means it was an awesome trick)
E1. I actually wanted to see more from him so video wasnt too long at all
E2. Very entertaining video

Complexity score: 8
Style score: 9
Originality score: 10
Entertainment score: 8

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Post by lil italy » 05 Apr 2006, 10:02

C1. Very well rounded - good at lower, upper, sitdowns,
C2. He pulled off some very nice combos.
S1. Very clean, made his combos look very professional.
S2. Very good flow, from upper to lower and vice versa, controlled combos.
O1. Lots of different and innovative stuff.
O2. 3 ball move, ongoing helicopter at 20 secs, karate kick thing at 1:29
E1. I felt that it was a little bit long, but the variety of stuf in there made it ok.
E2. It was very entertaining, lol the other person interfering, the abuse of pikachu, great combos...

Complexity score: 9
Style score: 9
Originality score: 9
Entertainment score: 8

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Post by mustahfa10 » 11 Apr 2006, 23:32

C1. skilled with lower, upper, and sit down
C2. combo around :31 was pretty smooth
S1. very smooth, and has good control. Has that stage presence
S2. great flow, and great transitioning
O1. Very original, experimented and came up with some sweet combo variations
O2. The 3- ball trick was some sick sh*t
E1. good variety, and good video length. Wanted to see even more new sh*t
E2.The pikachu thing was funny. Very original and very entertaining. I loved this video, and i want to see more.

Complexity score: 9
Style score: 9
Originality score: 10
entertainment score: 9

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