Expert Football Biennial Anniversary (2004-2006) freestyle competition
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Post by expert » 25 Mar 2006, 16:06


Each judge will review this video by answering the following questions:
C1. What was the skill level of the freestyler?
C2. What was the most complicated trick that he/she performed?
S1. What was the style of the freestyler?
S2. How did his/her tricks flow from one to the next?
O1. How original were the tricks in the video?
O2. Was was the most interesting or unique part of this video?
E1. Did the video feel too long or too short? How well was it edited?
E2. How fun was it to watch this video?

After reviewing the clip, each judge will rate it in four categories:
Complexity score: 1-10 pts
Style score: 1-10 pts
Originality score: 1-10 pts
Entertainment score: 1-10 pts

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Post by expert » 12 Apr 2006, 18:19

C1. Mira's a beginner, compared to the other contestants
C2. Pretty much all of the moves were beginner-level. I guess her sitdown ATW would be considered the most advanced
S1. Mira's style is not bad. She shows good upper body control
S2. She didn't show any combos, but the basics are there - ATW, crossover, chest and head stalls. Now it's time to string them together.
O1. Not a lot of originality, which is normal for a beginner
O2. The jumprope headstall is not something you see every day
E1. The video could have been shorter. I mean there's no need to show the same trick twice, especially if it's not very hard
E2. Entertainment value was not very high either... maybe if she showed more original stuff, like the jumprope trick

Complexity score: 2 pts
Style score: 5 pts
Originality score: 2 pts
Entertainment score: 2 pts

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Post by lil italy » 14 Apr 2006, 02:04

C1. Beginner, only had the basics.
C2. Sitdown atw, or skipping headstall
S1.Quite controlled juggling, upper moves quite smooth.
S2. No flow, just one trick, juggle, cut. Needs combos.
O1.Nothing out of the ordinary, still getting the basics.
O2. Skipping headstall.
E1. A bit long with not much to offer
E2. Pretty boring, too much juggling shown.

Complexity score: 2
Style score: 6
Originality score: 2
Entertainment score: 1

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