Expert Football Biennial Anniversary (2004-2006) freestyle competition
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Post by expert » 25 Mar 2006, 16:05


Each judge will review this video by answering the following questions:
C1. What was the skill level of the freestyler?
C2. What was the most complicated trick that he/she performed?
S1. What was the style of the freestyler?
S2. How did his/her tricks flow from one to the next?
O1. How original were the tricks in the video?
O2. Was was the most interesting or unique part of this video?
E1. Did the video feel too long or too short? How well was it edited?
E2. How fun was it to watch this video?

After reviewing the clip, each judge will rate it in four categories:
Complexity score: 1-10 pts
Style score: 1-10 pts
Originality score: 1-10 pts
Entertainment score: 1-10 pts

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Post by The_Majestic » 29 Mar 2006, 22:17

C1. Kung fu . Aerial
C2. Piledriver
S1. Kung fu. Enjoys the headstall a little too much.
S2. Good lower body combos. Upper was alright.
O1. I didn't see anything new
O2. Five atws
E1. Good length. Great edits with the text.
E2. Great music . It had my attention the entire way through. I now crown you kung fu master!

Complexity score: *WILL POST LATER*
Style score: *WILL POST LATER*
Originality score: *WILL POST LATER*
Entertainment score: *WILL POST LATER*
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Post by lil italy » 05 Apr 2006, 06:58

C1. Well controlled upperbody moves, but rough on the lowers.
C2. Piledriver atatw, helicopter, nosestall.
S1. Kung fu, mainly smooth upper
S2. Overall good flow, more combos needed though
O1. The kung-fu stuff was original.
O2. Kung-fu stuff.
E1. Good length, text went with the music eg fast as ligtning went with the song.
E2. Quite fun to watch the kung - fu stuff, headstall got boring. "When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, you will be ready to be a kung-fu master" ...

Complexity score: 6
Style score: 4
Originality score: 8
Entertainment score: 7

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Post by expert » 12 Apr 2006, 18:07

C1. Intermediate, but most of his tricks were beginner level
C2. At the end he attempts a few more advanced combos like piledriver-tatw
S1. His did a lot of upperbody, which is surprising since his lower is much better. Colin's ground moves need a lot of work...
S2. Most of the video consists of one-move tricks but at the end he shows some combos. Colin doesn't have a lot of flair and his control could be crisper, but his overall style was not too bad
O1. I give him credit for the kung-fu shtick, but most of his moves were not very inventive
O2. The end of the clip got most of my attention
E1. The overall presentation is good. He did a good job of putting the clip and music together
E2. The kung-fu thing was interesting at first, but he showed mostly beginner tricks and that's where he lost my attention

Complexity score: 4 pts
Style score: 5 pts
Originality score: 4 pts
Entertainment score: 4 pts

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