Expert Football Biennial Anniversary (2004-2006) freestyle competition
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Post by expert » 25 Mar 2006, 16:04


Each judge will review this video by answering the following questions:
C1. What was the skill level of the freestyler?
C2. What was the most complicated trick that he/she performed?
S1. What was the style of the freestyler?
S2. How did his/her tricks flow from one to the next?
O1. How original were the tricks in the video?
O2. Was was the most interesting or unique part of this video?
E1. Did the video feel too long or too short? How well was it edited?
E2. How fun was it to watch this video?

After reviewing the clip, each judge will rate it in four categories:
Complexity score: 1-10 pts
Style score: 1-10 pts
Originality score: 1-10 pts
Entertainment score: 1-10 pts

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Re: Kevin

Post by expert » 25 Mar 2006, 22:08

C1. Kevin is very advanced in lowerbody, but his upperbody moves are not nearly as elaborate. His ground moves are unimpressive, judging from the bit against the "defender"
C2. He pulled off a some very advanced lowerbody moves, like the one at 4:43 and a few TATW combos. Still, a lot of his tricks were plain crossovers and ATWs.
S1. His style was sharp, except for his stalls where you could see that he was starting to lose control.
S2. Kevin did either lowerbody or upper - there was no transition between the two. There was little flair or improvisation.
O1. Nothing in the video was particularly original. His material was pretty standard with very little experimentation.
O2. The most interesting move was at 2:20 where he tries to transition from a sit-down to a headstall... and almost pulls it off
E1. The video was way too long. It could have been great, but there wasn't enough variety for a 5:30 minute clip.
E2. The clip felt pretty generic. Kevin tried to make it look more exciting with the inclusion of a "defender" but it didn't work in his favor.

Complexity: 7
Style: 6
Originality: 3
Entertainment: 3

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Post by sekhri10 » 03 Apr 2006, 07:06

C1. Very advanced lower combos plus some upper stuff as well
C2. cross-atatw (no touch), tatw-tatw (both feet), 15 atw's
S1. Well under control - soft touch
S2. Flowed pretty well - mixed between lower and upper (mainly lower)
O1. Only original move was knee-cross that I've only seen him do
O2. The flickup to the hamstring stall was pretty cool and well done
E1. Wasn't too long since it had wide variety of combos
E2. It was fun to watch because of all the long and elaborate combos he did (lot of combos consisted of more than 10 moves)

Complexity score: 10
Style score: 9
Originality score: 7
Entertainment score: 9

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Post by lil italy » 04 Apr 2006, 06:22

C1. Very advanced lower body moves and he had some beginner intermediate upper stuff too.
C2. Did a few combos with over 10 tricks.
S1. Very controlled - didnt look shaky at all.
S2. Flowed well, especially lowerbody. Some upper and lower together too.
O1. Only original move was knee-cross that I've only seen him do
O2. The flickup to the hamstring stall was pretty cool, that stood out when he did it. Many very good combos, some with tatw.
E1. Pretty long, but had plenty to offer.
E2. Very entertaining, i like his style and long combos.

Complexity score: 8
Style score: 7
Originality score: 7
Entertainment score: 9

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