Expert Football Biennial Anniversary (2004-2006) freestyle competition
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Post by expert » 25 Mar 2006, 16:03


Each judge will review this video by answering the following questions:
C1. What was the skill level of the freestyler?
C2. What was the most complicated trick that he/she performed?
S1. What was the style of the freestyler?
S2. How did his/her tricks flow from one to the next?
O1. How original were the tricks in the video?
O2. Was was the most interesting or unique part of this video?
E1. Did the video feel too long or too short? How well was it edited?
E2. How fun was it to watch this video?

After reviewing the clip, each judge will rate it in four categories:
Complexity score: 1-10 pts
Style score: 1-10 pts
Originality score: 1-10 pts
Entertainment score: 1-10 pts

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Post by The_Majestic » 29 Mar 2006, 22:16

C1. Medium
S1. Aerial with a little bit of some lower body tricks
S2. Smooth transaction between moves. I think that if he practices with his lower body more, he'd be an excellent freestyler. I expect to see more from this guy later on.
O1. He pulled out some new stuff that I've never seen such as the TIAO, and the rugby ball was brilliant. He seemed very comfortable with what he was doing except he seemed to struggle a little at times with the basic juggle.
E1. Not too bad I'd say. Length was just about right in my opinion. He added too much editing for my likes with the special effects.
E2. It was an interesting clip and not at all a waste of time. Good job on the video man.

Complexity score: *WILL POST LATER*
Style score: *WILL POST LATER*
Originality score: *WILL POST LATER*
Entertainment score: *WILL POST LATER*
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Post by lil italy » 06 Apr 2006, 09:19

C1. beginner - intermediate
C2. Tatw, 4 atws, tiao.
S1. Basically a very shaky one footed freestyler, with mainly upper tricks.
S2. No real flow between tricks, shaky upper combos, looked clueless with lower moves.
O1. Tiao was pretty cool, same as the footy.
O2. Tiao was probably the most interesting.
E1. Was a bit long with what he hadto offer. i got bored pretty quickly until tiao came. It was over edited, and ended very abruptly.
E2. At times it was ok to watch, but it was mainly pretty boring.

Complexity score: 5
Style score: 3
Originality score: 7
Entertainment score: 5

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Post by expert » 14 Apr 2006, 15:19

C1. He showed a wide range of tricks but they were mostly beginner level
C2. At the end (4:45) he executes a few ATWs in a row. The rest of his tricks were fairly easy "one-liners"
S1. Angelo's style was OK, but not spectacular. He needs to work on his weak foot.
S2. There wasn't a lot of flow, he didn't attempt too many combos
O1. Good variety of tricks, not uniquely original but interesting
O2. The shirt tricks were interesting, too bad he had to speed up their footage
E1. Overall presentation could have been better. The video is 20 MB, yet the quality is poor. The visual filters were just distracting.
E2. Somewhat fun video to watch, he kept it fresh without repeating his tricks too much

Complexity score: 3
Style score: 3
Originality score: 6
Entertainment score: 4

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