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Hey everyone...
i'm Pedro MArtins, brazilian, 15 years old...
I play soccer since i was 13....so i'm not good in freestyle...
When i was 5 i played a championship and my team lost in the final match: 1x0 ......i scored an own goal..so i get really sad and stopped playing football for 8 years...when i was 13 a friend of mine called me to go play with his friends...and them i realized that i have LOST 8 YEARS OF MY LIFE!!!!
I've never thought about playin in high level....i was always one of the worsts in the games...until a Coach (and my hero) called me to train with his team "You have all the qualities to be a great player" he said...Then i started training and now i'm not the worst in the games....but i'm one of them in my team...so i enter in this forum to try to improve my habilities...and it's workingg!!!!!
I like to play as right wing/middlefielder.....but my coach always put me to play in defense...and i hate it :?
In this year we went to Sweden and played 3 championships...Pitea Summer Games, Storjoscupen and Dalecarlia Cup.....has anyone ever went there???
"Game after game after game, I realize now what's most important im ,y life: FOOTBALL!"

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Welcome to the forums! It is very nice to have you here! Sadly I have never gone to any of the tournaments you posted. Nice to here that this site has helped you. Respect.

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Welcome to the forums, and good luck improving your game!

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Hey bud, might see me around here making stupid posts, lol
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