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how do i become something different than a new user. does it change how long ive been registered? What are the red stars under your nickname too?
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New user means you dont have a great number of posts, keep reading around the forums to get into discussions and add to your post count witch will determine the type of member you are.

The stars represent your average post rating out of 5. Your posts get rated by moderators whenever they feel like it so if you are serious about getting some "stars" by increasing your post rating average, do not make a post like the one above as their have been several topics regarding your concern. My point is use the forum search button or simply look around before posting questions that have already been covered.

How ever long you have been a member has nothing to do with anything' I believe.

Welcome to the forums born2skate. :D

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Yeah, I think medved is correct. MORE POSTS=Higher name

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just to add:
New user: 0-24 posts
Sophomore: 25-49 posts
Junior Member: 50-99 posts
Senior Member: 100-299 posts
Veteran Member: 300+ posts
Please correct me if im wrong anyone

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