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Does you watch porn?

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cronaldosucks wrote:
P.s I see all of those posts about how much ronaldo sucks change the way he thinks.
wow dude thanks, just give me away why don't you! :lol:

anyway about porno

i know all of that from experience. You WILL feel better about yourself once u stop. trust me, if u look at porn, you lose respect for women, and before u know it, u lose respect for urself. i have felt like that before. i felt like sh*t when i looked at porn or masturbated, it took down my self esteem tremendously. a year ago, i went to confession and the priest asked me if it was an addiction.. i said yes, then he told me about about self respect and esteem. he made me think and before u knew it, i was crying..ok go ahead call me gay for crying, but i reached a level of break down i never had before. i realized what women really are. not joking but i used to yell at girls, get in their face etc. u know why? cause i lost respect for them due to porn. once the priest told me all he did, i realized my ways were wrong. from then on, i was very apologetic to all the people i hurt. i am being open about this cause i on't any of you to take this porno sh*t too far. trust me eventually when all of "fun" is over, u realize ur mistakes. \
EDIT: porno isn't ur friend, real people will be.
Again I completely agree. I don't look at porno, I use to a few years ago, but I knew it was wrong, It took me a while but I stopped. It was hard but I stopped. Then once I started turned 14 I started masturbating and I felt that that was wrong too, and tried to stop, and I certainly didn't do it as much as I would of if I didn't try to stop. But still did it. Then I fell in love with this girl in my school, and after the first time I talked to her, which was right after my b day, I've never masturbated. It's been 2 months now. I haven't even thought of it. I realized what true love is now and when you're in love and when you realize the truth about women you will never have the desire to do it. I also feel like a better person and respect women more. You know I use to pray all the time, asking for forgiveness and the power to stop it, and now it has been answered. Thank God.

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why watch porn when you can do it yourself? from blonds to.. whatever is alive.

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haha thats classy falcao

i watch it here and there, only when im bored and there legit is nothin to do
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I wonder what would happen if some dad and his son came over to expertfootball, looked over the forums, then saw this thread.... :shock:

dad:) :hey son! lets go over to the fun world of the internet and go to expertfootball! Sit on my lap.
son :o ; weeeeeeee! hey dad! lets go over to the porn thread.
dad :shock: ??!!
son :P mmmmmm......
dad :x Son, its time to sue the site admins.

*da da dum*

I Wonder what other people, who just happen to be browsing this site, think of us when they see this thread.
I never knew my 200th post would be in the porn thread of all places.
PS. If you are just some dude who just happens to be browsing the forums and by chance is looking at this thread, please don't think of the guys at expertfootball as total perverts. We have very fulfilling lives and dreams and we wont sink that low.

well, at least some of us anyway. :roll:

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I don't know about you guys, but I reckon this ought to go straight to the wall of shame... And no, I don't watch porn.

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Hey, in defense of porn. I'll watch it. I don't think it's at all that bad if you can have the self-restraint to not be addicted to it. If you do something and you know it's wrong, you will guaranteed feel like crap after you are done. It is a great learning tool for sexually repressed girls too . . .

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i preffere not wasting my time watching it (isnt this website about football i dont think u need to watch porn to improve) :lol:

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Get a girlfriend and have sex with her, porn is disgusting, making love with someone you care about isn't.

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One thing that confuses me...
One day I was sitting on my mates couch chatting up this girl at his house party and she had my mates phone
She then turns around to me and says 'lets watch some porn'

:| (my face)
ok... (my answer)

So I'm there watching porn with this bird, caught between thinking... 'woah she is gonna be a WILD ONE' and 'wait what type of standard will i have to live up to? there fu**ing pro's' (pun intended)

Anyway my whole dilemma ended up being obselete, the only hole I released bodily fluids into that night was the one in the toilet

(...yes it was puke)

...What a pointless off topic story :roll:
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I know this is old but I like how pretty much everyone denied watching porn. Sounds like lies to me. I think every guy has at least watched it a few times before.
Don't be embarrassed yo. :lol: :wink:

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Croatianblood1 wrote:I know this is old but I like how pretty much everyone denied watching porn. Sounds like lies to me. I think every guy has at least watched it a few times before.
Don't be embarrassed yo. :lol: :wink:
Lol its funny to read through this topic
Practically every third post is edited to say 'No I don't like porn' or 'Deleted'

And the person directly under them then has a qoute of the pre-edit post, saying 'I love porn, I can't live without it' or 'porn makes me happy'

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