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Name: Chris Fawver
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:
Location: USA,sc
Year Born: 1992
Favourite ''Football'' Club: Arsenal and AC milian
Favourite Player: Fernando Torres
Playing Football Since: 4
Freestyling Since: not really into that
Other Hobbies: Sports in general, partying, having a good time, computers, and FLORIDA GATORS!!!

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Name: Godwin DeLima
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Goddy, Viera, Swole Black Guy
Location: Germantown, Maryland, USA
Year Born: 1990
Favourite Soccer Club: FC Barcelona / Arsenal
Favourite Player: Eric Cantona
Playing Football Since: 2000, 2006-Present
Freestyling Since: Never, I suck at it
Other Hobbies: Airsoft, Theatre, Games
Contact: contact me here : )
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Name: Josh
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Gale :lol:
Location: Sydney, Australia
Year Born: 1994
Favourite Soccer Club: Barcelona all the way !! :D
Favourite Player:
Playing Football Since: I can Remember lol
Freestyling Since: Have only recently Started seriously
Other Hobbies: Any other sports :D

Great idea for a Thread

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Name: Andy
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: asian boy
Location: Toronto, Canada
Year Born: 1996
Favourite Soccer Club: A.C. Milan
Favourite Player: Kaka
Playing Football Since: don't know
Freestyling Since: never
Other Hobbies: stuff

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Name: Kevin
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: K-Block
Location: Ohio
Year Born: 1900
Favourite Soccer Club: Real Madrid, USA National Team
Favourite Player: David Beckham
Playing Football Since: Just started
Freestyling Since: ^^
Other Hobbies: everything

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I never did one of these so here it goes:

Name: Evan
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Eh...I don't have a nickname really.
Location: MS
Year Born: 1990
Favourite Soccer Club: Hmm...Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan
Favourite Player: Ricardo Quaresma and Simão Sabrosa
Playing Football Since: I don't even know, but it's been a while.
Freestyling Since: Never really, I can do ATW's and stalls, but that's it.
Other Hobbies: Chillin' with friends. Watching movies.
On a different note everyone's pretty good with women when it comes to hookers... well except the sham-wow guy.

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Name: Loong
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: tofulegs
Location: Malaysia
Year Born: 1994
Favourite Soccer Club: Man Utd
Favourite Player: Van Nistelrooy , Gary Neville , Beckham
Playing Football Since: 8 but stopped at 11 and played again at 13
Freestyling Since: Never
Other Hobbies: Comp , sports , watching tv , a little reading

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Name: Kevin
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:The Tank
Location: Taiwan
Year Born: 1993
Favourite Soccer Club: Arsenal, Holland National Team
Favourite Player: Robin Van Persie, Rafael Van der Vaart, Javier Mascharano
Playing Football Since: 4 seasons
Freestyling Since: Never
Other Hobbies: basketball, hanging out, talking bout recent football news
Positions Played: Goalkeeper,Centreback,Right Mid

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LOCATION-since i moved from Chile, England land of rain
FAVORITE CLUB- FC Barcelona, Argentina national team
FAVORITE PLAYER- Pele, but Messi is more 'modern'
PLAYING FOOTBALL SINCE- i was 12/1 year ago
FREESTYLING SINCE- errr, i can do 25 kisk ups?
OTHER HOBBIES- rugby, football, football and... hmm... football

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i may as well do one of these.

Name: Luke
Nickname: luckylegs
Year Born: 1990
Location: England
Favourite team: Liverpool, Doncaster Rovers and England
Favourite player/s: messi, torres
Playing football since: ive always liked football apparently was playing before i could walk lol, playing serious since 2006
Freestyling since: i can do shoulder stall lmao
Other Interests: martial arts, socializing, hanging out with m8s and listening to music.
i was made to ignite

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Name: Omri
Nickname: Bigfoot or Om's
Year Born: 1993
Location: US
Favourite team: FC Barcelona and Liverpool
Favourite player/s: Rohnaldinho, Robinho, Gerrard, the goal keeper 4 aston villa i think?
Playing football since: Around 3, since i could walk i think
Freestyling since: last year or the year before
Other Interests: soccer :D kayaking, paintballing, watching football matches, outdoors activities

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Name: Mario
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Mario (pronounced Mary-O)
Location: Woodhaven Michigan
Year Born: 1992
Favourite Soccer Club: Liverpool FC
Favourite Player: Steven Gerrard
Playing Football Since: 4 years old
Freestyling Since: 10 years old
Other Hobbies: FIFA 09

Year Born- (age can change and date of birth may be too personal)
Contact: email address if they want to be added or add people

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Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:Chewy (middle name is matthew, so say the last sylable in that and you get... chew)
Year Born:1992
Location:Leinster, Ireland
Favourite Soccer Club: Arsenal
Favourite Players: Ronaldinho, Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo
Playing Football Since: As long as I remember, seriously since 2002
Freestyling Since: 12
Other Hobbies: Music, Women, Odd bit of poetry, socalizing, piano, partying, basketball, rugby, badmiton (all as pastimes)

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Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:Football.
Year Born:1991
Location:Harrah, Oklahoma, USA
Favourite Soccer Club: Internazional Milano
Favourite Players: Chiellini, Materazzi, Carles Puyol, Jamie Carragher
Playing Football Since: 3 Years now
Freestyling Since: Never
Other Hobbies: Music, good looking women, PS3, chilling with friends.
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Nickname: Alberto
Year Born: 1991
Location: Norway
Field Position: Winger, Attacking midfielder, forward.
Favorite football Club: Barca
Favorite Player: Lionel Messi
Playing Football Since I was 5 years old
Freestyling Since: I only freestyle when I want to warm up with the ball or mess around. Never taken it seriously, but somehow I can do most of the tricks :wink: I used to juggle allot as a little kid so I guess thats why freestyling hasn't been that hard for me to learn. Once you can juggle with your feet, head, shoulders etc then doing the tricks shouldn't be that hard.

Other Hobbies: Boxing, Basketball, rapping/writing lyrics, history, philosophy, science, chess, table tennis, chicks and partying.

Contact: presioni@albanian.com

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