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Sgt. I can't get enough of Asian chicks
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Post by fir_nev » 07 May 2008, 02:45

Name: Mohammad Firdaus
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname:
Location: Singapore
Year Born: 1984
Favourite Soccer Club: Manchester United, AC Milan, Bayern Munchen, Valencia
Favourite Player: Gary Neville
Playing Football Since: 1995
Freestyling Since:
Other Hobbies: Floorball, Roller-hockey
Contact: fir_nev@hotmail.com

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Post by casar22 » 07 May 2008, 02:55

Name: Siegfried Casar
Nickname: Simo
Location:Houston, TX
Year Born: 1993
Favorite Soccer Club(s): Manchester Utd, AC Milan, Real Madrid.
Favorite Player:Alexandre Pato
Playing Football since: 1998
Freestyle Since:
Other Hobbies: MSN, movies and music
Contact: simo_casar@hotmail.com
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Bienvenido Cristiano Ronaldo!

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Post by dhs » 08 May 2008, 23:13

name: Wesley Barker
Nickname: rooney (thats what my team calls me since i have the smae boots as him and he is my fav player)
Location: an hour or so outside San Francisco, CA
year Born: 1992
Favourite club: Sheffield United, Manchester United, andliverpool is alright i guess
Favourite Player: Wayne Rooney
playin since:1996

if anyone ever wants to play pick up football or someone to go to tryouts with them drop me a line

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Post by ianthai123 » 10 May 2008, 21:43

Name: Ian Thai
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Ian
Location: ACT, Asutralia
Year Born: 1992
Favourite Soccer Club: FC Barcelona
Favourite Player: Samuel Eto'o/Zinedine Zidance
Playing Football Since: 12
Freestyling Since: Never
Other Hobbies:
Contact: ianthai@hotmail.com

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Post by soccer_after_death » 22 Jun 2008, 22:20

Name: dont think u need to know. :D
Location:Alberta, Canada
Year Born: 1993
Favourite Club: Barcelona FC
Favourite Player: Andrei Shevchenko
Playing foot since: 6
Freestyling since: 4 months.
Extra info: our school team just won the regional leage, for the first time ever...here are some pics...i think i know how to post pics..lol


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Post by Ahmed_Khan » 03 Jul 2008, 21:16

Name: Ahmed Khan
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Beckham
Location: Pakistan
Year Born: 1990
Favourite Soccer Club: Arsenal
Favourite Player:Thierry Henry
Playing Football Since: 2003
Freestyling Since: n/a
Contact: saberrider420@hotmail.com

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Post by Omaisgrande » 07 Jul 2008, 13:46

Name: Omar
Nickname: Omaisgrande, Cabeza10
Location: Altea, Alicante, Spain
Year Born: 1993
Favorite Football Club(s): FC Barcelona
Favorite Player: Ronaldinho, Steven Gerrard, Pirlo, Kaká, Marcos Senna...
Playing Football since: 1996
Freestyle Since: 2002
Other Hobbies: Nearly everything related to PC's; graphic design, web design, programming, MSN,
Contact: omar_br_5@hotmail.com


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Post by DeeChan » 07 Jul 2008, 14:17

Name: Dee Chan
Football Nickname: Danger Dee
Location: MD, US
Year Born: 1985
Favorite Soccer Club: Liverpool
Favorite Soccer Country: Germany
Favorite Player: Steven Gerrard/Fernando Torres, Bastian Schweinsteiger
Playing Football Since: 2004/05
Freestyling Since: Not really...
Other Hobbies: Electronics modding (PC, video game, cell phone), writing and NOT READING!, and whatever else...
Fan of: Liverpool Football Club - GERMANY National Team - Destruction of Autobots

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Post by Kakasgotskillz » 07 Jul 2008, 16:31

Your name's really Dee Chan? Wow. :shock:

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Post by machoman10 » 07 Jul 2008, 16:40

Im a new member, registered yesterday at like 4 am :D

Name: Morris
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Morrisinho, Momo, M10M
Location: Europe
Year Born: 1992
Favourite ''Football'' Club: Manchester United
Favourite Player: Wayne Rooney
Playing Football Since: In my mom's womb
Freestyling Since: Not into freestyling
Other Hobbies: Music, Partying, Ladies :lol:, Sports (since i play a lot of them)

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Post by messi19 » 07 Jul 2008, 17:08

Name: Milo
Nickname: Frank
Location: Birmingham, England
Year born: 1994
Favourite football club: Aston Villa
Favourite player: Fabregas
Playing since: I could first walk
Freestyling since: I could first juggle with a ball
Other hobbies: Girlz :P Mates, Tennis and playing on my PS3



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Post by nickwba99 » 07 Jul 2008, 18:11

Name: Nick
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Year Born: 1992
Favourtie Club: West Brom
Favourite player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Playing since: been playing for about 3 years
Freestyling since: started recently, i can do around the world and my juggling recored is 142
Other hobbies: i wont be a stereotype and say girls (though i am interested in them), kickboxing, tennis, friends
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Post by messi19 » 07 Jul 2008, 18:23

nickwba99 wrote:Favourtie Club: West Brom
Ah I see I have a rival lol.



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Post by Davidson9 » 07 Jul 2008, 21:23

Why are you moving to Brussels nick?

If you're looking for a team to support from there go for R.S.C. Anderlecht. :P

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Post by dle_rulez » 08 Jul 2008, 14:37

Name: David Le
Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Davo , Ping Pong ,
Location: Sydney , NSW , Australia
Year Born: 1992
Favourite Soccer Club: Manchester Utd
Favourite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo , Harry Kewell
Playing Football Since: 2007
Freestyling Since: Since I can do the Ronaldo Chop :D
Other Hobbies: Cricket , Rugby League , Computer Games , Myspace haha
Contact: nin_david@hotmail.com

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