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Post by thrillboy »

I listen to a little rock and alot of rap. I like D4L and Dem Franchize Boyz. 8)
king geedorah
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i like reggaeton, but mostly enjoy hip hop, but not the 'main scene' type..

Immortal Technique one of my favorite MC's. Theres also MF Doom (aka Viktor Vaughn, aka King Geedorah), and Cannibal Ox.

Albums they have produced that i enjoy:

Immortal Technique- Revolutionary Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
MF Doom- MM...Food; King Geedorah- Take me to your Leader
Cannibal Ox- The Cold Vein.

if you're into a little more meaningful hip hop then give it a good listen.

render unto Geedorah what is Geedorah's
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yeah i love listening to immortal technique too king geedorah. I've heard about MF Doom but didnt check him out yet. I love those two Revolutionary albums by immortal technique. Especially dance with the devil. I respect him alot for staying underground. He doesnt want the record labels to manipulate what he says in his songs. He's just so political. Crazy story telling too . Nice to see that you're a real hip hop head.
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J wrote:Yeah for me it's definetly his best album but he has so many good albums it really is hard to choose.

If you want you can sample like the first 30 seconds of every song on every Sizzla album: ... &FRM=0&z=y

There is like 4 pages of most of his albums there.
Thanks man I really appreciate you doing this. Im gonna check it out right now, and start looking to see if I can buy one.
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Post by G-Unit-Freestyler »


Especially G-Unit, Tupac, Biggie, DMX, Eminem etc

Eminen as nearly all rappers have my respect as they always start with nothing but later have everything they want.

To get myself pumped for a football match (or a fight :P ): Tupac - Hit Em Up or In The End/Encore
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i luv Rihanna :) , Tupac.Those are my fav artists. I don't really listen to specific music b4 a game, i just do what i feel like, as in eg relax or music, tv, juggle or wateva.
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Post by Ronaldinho10 »

I just noticed today that on itunes there is a thing called "Sport Nike+ music" where many of Nike's sponsored sportspersons have their playlists and talk about what music they listen to before matches , trainings , to relax etc. It's pretty interesting. Ronaldo's (Real Madrid) playlist is on it and also Lance Armstrong's and Lindsay Davenport's.
If anyone has ipod/itunes you should check it out. Interesting to know what sort of music the sports stars listen to.
Also there's a minute and a half of the player talking about the music , Ronaldo's is in Spanish or Portugese so I don't know what he's saying. If someone could translate that'd be cool :D
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Post by soccer »

Rock,metal,rap(every once in a while)
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