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Hi, I'm Lenny :)

I have signed up here to find out if anyone would be interested in buying or knowing anyone who would like to buy an Original Nike Joga Bonito ball featured in all the Eric Cantona videos Joga Bonito :)

Its a very rare ball and I have had it for years now, but its just been sitting in a box brand new still in the loft, I know how rare it is because no one has one online and I doubt you will ever get one again if you tried to find one :)

Anyways more about me, I am a Crystal Palace fan through and through always will be I have played alongside the palace players many times and sat down during the Play Off semi final games with Steven Parish telling him how palace are going through and going to win etc etc :)

Again if anyone is interested in making me an offer for the Joga Bonito ball drop me a message :)

Lenny :)

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